Forms, Policies & Faculty Handbook

Please note that most of these forms are Adobe Acrobat fillable forms. Please download to your computer before completing and saving the forms. These forms are not able to capture formatting (i.e. bold, italics, etc.) and are meant only as a conveyance of information from you to the Office of the Provost. Please feel free to submit additional documentation in a Word doc formatted as you see fit.

Core Syllabus Policy Statements

Emeritus Status Guidelines

Outside Activity/Conflict of Interest Reporting

Instructor Career Path

USF Faculty Handbook

Change Home Academic Unit
Change Home Academic Unit Guidelines
Change Home Academic Unit Form

Extra Compensation
Extra Compensation Request
Extra Compensation Guidelines & Procedures

Out-of-Cycle Compensation
Faculty Out-of-Cycle Compensation Form
Faculty Out of Cycle Compensation Guidelines

Post Retirement Employment
Post Retirement Employment Form
(Please attach Supplemental Information Form below)
Supplemental Information Form

Leave of Absence
Leave of Absence Request Form

Paid Parental Leave
Paid Parental Leave for Faculty Request Form
Paid Parental Leave Guidelines (Pages 37-41)

Professional Development Leave - Deadline: Feb. 26, 2021
Professional Development Leave Memo
Professional Development Leave Guidelines
Professional Development Leave Application
Professional Development Leave Awards

Sabbatical Leave - Deadline: Oct. 14, 2021 
Sabbatical Memo
Sabbatical Leave Guidelines
Sabbatical Leave Application

Space Impact Form
Physical Plant Website

Summer Session Assignment Form
Summer Assignment Form (for Department/School use)

Textbook Use
Faculty Authored Textbooks Request Form
Faculty-Authored Textbooks Guidelines

University-Wide Policies, Procedures and guidelines

USF Board of Trustees Regulations
USF Policies and Procedures
USF Board of Trustees Policies and Procedures