Non-Degree Admission


What is the difference between a USFID and a NetID? 

  • A USFID or "U-Number," is assigned to students for academic, business and administrative transactions requiring an ID. The USFID is randomly generated, is not derived from any personally identifiable student data, and appears in the format 'U----'. The letter 'U' followed by an eight-digit number is issued only once and remains the student's official primary identifier with USF for your entire academic career.
  • Your USF NetID is the user ID you will use to log into software and systems at USF. It allows you to access Canvas, the learning management system you will use to access your courses online, and OASIS, USF's student information system, as well as many other services.

    To obtain your NetID, visit University Network Access Services. Click on "Activate your USF Net ID," and provide your first and last name, your USFID number, your birthday, and the last four digits of your social security number. If you don't have a SSN, contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance. 

What are the application and registration deadlines?

For the optimal enrollment experience, your Non-Degree application must be received three weeks before the start of the term.  To view the list of Non-Degree application deadlines, please visit this page.

Applications received after the deadline will not be given priority and may not be processed in time for the current term. All students must have registration fully complete by 5 p.m. the first week of the term; in summer, there are part of term B options for late applicants. Please consult the Important Dates and Deadlines for the current registration deadlines.

How can I update my term of entry?

Contact the Office of the Registrar from your USF email address to update your term of entry. Record updates will not be accepted from non-USF email addresses.

When do I have to re-apply?

You have to re-apply if you have not taken any classes for three consecutive terms. If you did not attend the term you applied and it has been more than three terms from the original application, you will also need to re-apply.

When can I register?

You will be assigned a time when you are permitted to register for classes. Non-degree seeking students are assigned a specific date and time. Consult the Important Dates and Deadlines for the term you are enrolling in to see your registration time as non-degree seeking student in MyUSF.

Senior Citizen Auditors will be registered for approved courses by submitting the Registration Worksheet.

What if I don't have a registration time?

If you log into MyUSF, navigate to OASIS under "My Resources" and do not see a registration time published under "Registration," email AskTheRegistrar to request a time. Be sure to include your student U-Number for fastest assistance.

Does not appply to Senior Citizen Auditors.

Do I apply as non-degree seeking if I am interested in a graduate certificate program?

You can enroll as a non-degree student in a graduate certificate program. The non-refundable application fee of $30 and departmental approval is required. NOTE: The approval form at Graduate Certificates cannot be submitted online.

Can I apply as a non-degree student if I have been denied undergraduate admission?

Applicants denied undergraduate admission to USF as degree-seeking students will not be permitted to enroll as non-degree-seeking students, unless the degree-seeking admission denial was more than five years prior to the application to be a non-degree seeking student. In this case, the hold will be overridden to allow a potential non-degree seeking student to enroll.

Any applicant denied undergraduate, degree-seeking admission who currently attends a Florida State University System institution will have the hold overridden, providing an approved transient application from the current Florida State University System institution is received by USF.

What classes are non-degree seeking students eligible to take?

Non-degree students are eligible to choose from any undergraduate or graduate level courses. The course may have department restrictions. In this case, you need to contact the department that offers the course to request permits or overrides to enter. If approved, you will be eligible to register on a space-available basis.

Senior Citizen Auditors will be allowed to audit courses that are approved by faculty on the Registration Worksheet. This worksheet must be submitted to

Can I switch to degree seeking? Will my credits count towards a degree?

A maximum of 14 credit hours may be applied to an undergraduate program, or 12 credit hours to a graduate program. Contact the College of your intended major for more information. 

The USF degree seeking application is a separate application process and is managed by the Office of Admissions.

Does financial aid cover courses taken as a non-degree seeking student?

Financial Aid is not available for non-degree seeking students.

How do I cancel my application?

Contact to cancel a non-degree application. 

How much is the non-degree application fee?

There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that will be applied to students in the following categories:

  • Graduate Certificate Students
  • Personal Enrichment/Other Students
  • Visiting Students

How do I apply as a study abroad visiting student?

You will complete a non-degree application, select visiting student, and select the study abroad option. Then indicate the specific study abroad program you are applying for.

I am being charged out-of-state tuition and I am a Florida resident. How can I get that changed?

Your initial residency status is based on information that you submitted with your application. If you are requesting a change, you will need to complete the Non-Degree Initial Residency For Tuition Purposes Request Form and submit the completed form along with all requested documentation to For more information on this, please click here.

I received my e-welcome letter, but I haven’t received the second communication to set up my Net ID, who do I contact?

It can take 3-5 business days to receive your Net ID activation email from the time you receive your acceptance email. If you haven’t received it within that time frame or have issues activating your account, please reach out to IT by one of the methods listed below:

How do I search for courses?

Follow the instructions on the USF Course Dynamic Search.

What is a course permit and how do I request one?

Some courses have restrictions such as pre-requisites, co-requisites or permission by academic department that are required in order to register. Follow these instructions to request a permit.