Non-Degree Admission

High School Dual Enrollment Students

USF welcomes students who are not currently enrolled at a higher education institution but are interested in taking courses to complete high school credits while earning college credits at no cost. Check with your school or district to ensure USF has an articulation agreement in place. As a rule, USF establishes and renews articulation agreements annually with surrounding districts and private schools, but welcomes new partnerships throughout the year. Contact us at if your school does not currently have an agreement in place.




May 15 - Articulation Agreements in place (Fall & Spring)  November 1 - Articulation Agreements in place (Spring only)
June 1 - Non-Degree Dual Enrollment online application due on or before November 15 - Non-Degree Dual Enrollment online application due on or before
June 15 - Dual Enrollment Approval Forms due on or before** December 1 - Dual Enrollment Approval Forms due on or before

** Note: You may additionally submit Spring Approval Form in the Fall for planning purposes. Separate approval forms are required for each Fall & Spring semesters.

ADMISSION (How to Apply):

  1. Before beginning the application process, students should carefully read the Application Procedure on the dual enrollment website.

  2. APPLY as “Non-Degree” using the USF online application. USF offers two semesters for dual enrollment: Fall (Aug-Dec) and Spring (Jan-May). Please select the correct semester. Common error: high school students tend to select fall because high school starts in fall.  Students should select the actual semester they plan to begin taking dual enrollment courses. 

    • Watch the tutorial on applying as a Non-Degree Student
    • Florida resident? Be sure to list two (2) forms of proof of residency dated at least 12 months prior to the start of the semester. Common error: Submitting the wrong information. High school students will usually be classified as “dependent” and should be entering the parent/guardian’s residency information. 
      Note: enter “issue” date for the driver’s license and not the renewal date.
    • Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.


  1.  Students must comply with the USF Immunization Policy 33-002. Proof of immunizations should be sent to Student Health Services if you are taking in-person courses on a USF campus. Students taking courses only at the high school campus will already have immunizations on file. In addition to the online submission on the Student Health Services website, students may also email Please submit all immunizations as one PDF document.

  2. Within 2-3 days of submitting a complete and qualifying admission application, students will get a “Welcome to USF” email that provides their assigned USF number (U#) and instructions for setting up their USF NetID (email).  Students must set up their NetID and USF email immediately. USF communications will only be sent to USF email accounts.

  3. Once the NetID is established, students will provide their school counselor/administrator their USF U#. School counselors/administrators will submit the USF Dual Enrollment Approval Form Step 1 using the student's U#. School counselors/administrators complete the form while advising the student.

  4. Once the student information portion of the Approval form is complete with U#, county information, and contact information, the school counselor/administrator will submit the form confirming the details. School counselors/administrators must confirm residency, immunizations, and the required minimum GPA and appropriate standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, CPT, or PERT).

  5. The Schedule Search is a tool used to find classes. After advising the student, the school counselor/administrator submits a prioritized list of course choices with the desired modality. School counselor/administrator submits the Dual Enrollment Approval Form Step 2. This form is for dual enrollment course planning each semester. The courses are verified by school counselor/administrator for dual enrollment high school credit. (Forms submitted by students or others will not be considered). Please note that students will not be registered until three weeks before classes begin, so top choices may not available at that time. Full inventory of USF courses, with prerequisites noted.

  6. Once both Step 1 and Step 2 Approval Forms have been verified, completed, and confirmed, the school counselor/administrator submits the forms. All other documents, transcripts, and test scores may be sent as one PDF to the USF Early University Programs office,

    Note: Dual Enrollment Approval Form Step 2 must be submitted by the school counselor/administrator for each semester of registration (Fall and Spring). Step 1 Approval Form is completed only once each school year. 


  1. Approximately three weeks before the semester begins, USF administrative staff will register students based on the submitted course Approval Form Step 2. This form will include any requirements for school campus instruction or modality. USF seeks to expand dual enrollment opportunities without creating redundancy. Staff may seek confirmation from the school administrator that a requested lower-level course and delivery mode are not available at the student’s area community/state college.

  2. The student and the school counselor/administrator will be notified after registration has been completed.

  3. Visit the Dual Enrollment Next Steps for additional information.