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Will WS


Will Forde-Mazuri, Coordinator 



Guili WS


Giuliana Gazabon, Coordinator 




Adam Ws


Adam, Writing Consultant 

"I believe that writing is the way that we communicate with the world."


Ash WS


Ashley, Writing Consultant



Bianca WS


Bianca, Writing Consultant 

"Writing requires cultivation. Don't stress out trying to write a perfect first draft."


Erika WS


Erika, Writing Consultant 

"I love the power that good writing has to forge connections between people. When we read, we get to see what it's like to be someone else. When we write, we get to show other people what it's like to be us. The process of reading and writing stories helps us empathize with people who are different than us. Now more than ever, I don't think we should be overlooking that."
Hannah WS


Hannah, Writing Consultant 

"Reading and writing are both acts of empathetic reaching for me. I read to externally reach out to gain understanding, perspective, knowledge, peace, excitement, adventure. I write to ask the same of myself. What don't I understand about myself, my experience, my own perspective of the world? What kind of story can I tell? I write until I find something I need to say, and I refine it until it's where it needs to be, until it shines in the dark. When I write for communication with an audience, I'm writing to be the hand on the other side that someone can grab hold of when they're searching. And I hope my grasp is one of empathy always. Empathetic writing is one of the most powerful ways for us to be less alone and disconnected in our experiences."


James WS


James, Writing Consultant 

"My favorite aspect of writing is the entire process of developing an idea through the brainstorming stage and then turning it into something that is polished and fully formed. I enjoy taking notes, refining them, and moving them around like puzzle pieces until I find the most satisfying combination of ideas expressed in an articulate manner."


Jennifer WS


Jennifer, Writing Consultant 



Kimber WS


Kimber, Writing Consultant 

"As trite as it may sound, writing opens doors. I truly believe that being able to write well is one of the most valuable skills a person can cultivate. Cooking is a close second."


Leslie WS


Leslie, Writing Consultant 

"I believe that clear, effective writing is more vital than ever before. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and frenetic, communicating with clarity is key to being heard and making an impact. I love that the process of writing is as beneficial as the result because it promotes self-awareness and creative reflection. It is a catalyst and a balm in dark times. Great writing outlasts the author and is a touchstone for future generations."


Marian WS


Marian, Writing Consultant 

"Writing is a way to explore and to express what it is to be human. As we go through the writing process, we can become more connected to ourselves and to others. Writing can help us to articulate a problem, explore its facets, and generate potential solutions. At its best, writing takes us places we did not even know existed."



Margeaux, Writing Consultant 



Megan WS


Megan, Writing Consultant 

"Writing can say more about us than we could ever say about ourselves."


Nick WS


Nicholas, Writing Consultant 

"Writing is an integral component of communication. Its dynamism is overwhelming: Among other things, writing can be expressive, emotional, informative, inspirational, affecting, humorous, or mundane. The same written language can be used to text our friends and archive events. It's often taken for granted, and proper lessons in writing are not regularly enforced. We've developed short-hand devices but have thrown to the wayside the words they represent.

Every member of every society should be equipped with the skill to write. Without it, we would not have the laconic satire from Kurt Vonnegut or the decedent webs of words from the Victorians. Though not all of us will be successful and revered novelists, we should all be capable of conveying our thoughts effectively and with precision."



Nicole, Writing Consultant 



Rasha WS


Rasha, Writing Consultant 

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." ― Anaïs Nin



Tamesha, Writing Consultant 

"Writing can eloquently paint pictures with words. It can create worlds that only exist in the mind."


Tyler WS


Tyler, Writing Consultant