Dual Enrollment

Admission Process

Dual Enrollment Admission Process


Due to current pandemic restrictions, students applying for USF Dual Enrollment in Spring 2021 will not be required to provide test scores.   When pandemic restrictions are eased, students may be required to submit qualifying test score(s) in order to continue in the dual enrollment program.  The deadline for receipt of all application materials is December 1, 2020.


The Student

The student initiates the application process by completing the USF Non-Degree Seeking Application.

  • Students should work with parents to complete the residency section of the application to the best of their ability.
  • Students must document achievement of the minimum score required or greater on either the SAT, ACT or PERT standardized test. The requirement for standardized test scores has been waived until students have access to safe testing sites or electronic access. This message will be updated when conditions enable the waiver to be removed.   
  • Students must submit a high school transcript that shows the minimum required GPA or greater.

The student must submit the USF Dual Enrollment Approval Form. 

  • When the student portion of the approval form is filled out and signed by parents/student, the student sends it electronically to the high school administrator for completion.

Students must comply with the USF Immunization Policy 33-002. Additional information can be found on the Student Health Services website.

The student scans the Medical History & Immunization Form and Residency Form and all supporting documents as one PDF file, and sends as an email attachment to dualenrollment@usf.edu.

The School Administrator

The School Administrator receives the Dual Enrollment Approval Form from the student and completes it, verifying that the student’s standardized test score and GPA meet the requirement for admission.

When the approval form has been completed with signatures, the school administrator scans it, along with transcripts/test scores as one PDF file and sends them as an email attachment to: dualenrollment@usf.edu. The school administrator or counselor will notify students of admission status.



The Student and the School Administrator

Approximately three weeks before the semester begins, students will be registered for courses at USF or online. The school administrator will work with the student to select courses. Courses held at the high school campus will be registered within two weeks of the dual enrollment application deadline. The student and the student’s home school will be notified after registration has been completed.



The Student and the School Administrator

S. Section 1007.271(14), specifies that your school district will pay for "instructional materials." Please reach out to your instructional materials office or high school counselor to receive more information on this process. Books may be purchased and picked up at the Bookstore near the USF campus you are taking your courses through or through the Bookstore website.



If you will be taking classes on a USF campus, visit the Card Center to purchase a student ID. Also, visit the parking services website for Tampa campus, St. Petersburg campus or Sarasota-Manatee campus for more information about purchasing a parking permit for your intended campus.