Scholarships & Awards


The Mentorship Program speaks to the creativeness, passion, and generosity of the English graduate students at the University of South Florida. The program, organized and led by graduate students, started with a simple question: who do undergraduate English majors go to when they have questions?

While USF employs highly trained and wonderful advisors, undergraduates have plenty of questions: what classes should I take? Where are there literary events on campus and around town? What graduate programs should I be thinking? What careers would be excited to hire English majors? 

As former undergraduate English majors, our graduate students realized that they could be the perfect mentors, guiding the undergrads through the major. Each year a large number of graduate students sign up to mentor one or two undergrads, meeting with them periodically throughout the year for fun and conversation.

All our mentors do excellent jobs. This award, though, is meant to recognize certain mentors who are truly exceptional. Nominations are made by the mentees who write a personal narrative of their relationship to their mentor. Recognition is given to the mentor at the annual Scholarships & Awards Ceremony.