Travel & Accounts Payable

Archivum Travel


Archivum is USF IT's implementation of Appian, a Business Process Management (BPM) and
low code development software platform. To learn more about Archivum, go to

Archivum Travel is the platform in which Travel Requests, Cash Advances and Expense Reports are initiated, submitted and approved.

Key things to know about Archivum Travel:

  • Archivum Travel transactions interface into the PeopleSoft FAST Travel Module (except PCard-only TR and ER
  • PeopleSoft wallets are no longer used
  • Travel-related PCard charges are approved in the PCard module and loaded into the expense report using Travel Request number entered into the FAST PCard "Appian TR" tab
  • PCard charges for DSO Reimbursement are not included on the Archivum Expense Report
  • Travel PCard charge receipts must be submitted in the expense report receipt package and the PCard statement back-up
  • FAST access security and workflow continue to be used
  • Workflow order is 1) HR Supervisor, 2) Automatic Budget Check, 3) Fiscal Approver
  • Estimated traveler-paid expenses on approved Travel Requests are encumbered; estimated PCard charges are not
  • Capability to initiate, manage and approve transactions on mobile devices
  • Receipts can be uploaded by Travelers.  Receipt Package is uploaded prior to submittal into workflow
  • Integrated with DocuSign for expense report signature page requirements
  • Optional simplified Travel Request for HR Supervisor approval to travel, prior to adding chart fields and cost estimates for Fiscal approval
  • Status of transactions can be monitored using "My Travel Dashboard"

To learn more, see our Travel Training page for instructional materials on Archivum Travel.