Travel & Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable is part of Payment Services in the University Controller's Office and is responsible for the payment of invoices to vendors for goods and services provided to the university. Accounts Payable is also responsible for maintaining the university vendor file and 1099MISC reporting to the IRS through our Supplier Management Team. Questions regarding payment of invoices may be directed to or 813-974-5682.

Payment Request Forms

Payment Request Forms provide an alternate method of payment for instances not suitable for Purchase Order or PCard. Payment Request Forms are submitted to Accounts Payable where each are reviewed for compliance and processed for payment. Please see the Payment Request Guide for allowable usage of the Payment Request Form.

USF Expenditure Guide

The USF Expenditure Guide is a document created by the Procure to Pay Expenditure Policy Committee to be used by University personnel as a guide to allowable source of funds, account code and method of payment for expenditures.

Payments to Research Study Subjects