Travel & Accounts Payable


Travel Overview

The Travel Department is part of Payment Services in the University Controller’s office. Travel staff audits submissions for compliance with current University policies and procedures and processes payments to employees and University guests incurring travel expenses on USF Business travel. Please refer to the links on these pages for relevant information, important forms and direction regarding the proper submission of requests.

Travel Manual

Travel Manual provides the primary rules for USF business travel.

Florida Statute 112.061

Florida Statute 1001.706(6)(c) specifies that university employees are public employees for the purposes of travel and are bound by the travel requirements laid forth in F.S. 112.061. Most USF travel requirements are based, either directly or indirectly, on the provisions of 112.061.


The Travel coordinator role allows access to travel transactions in Archivum, FAST and travel reports in Power BI. The Travel coordinator role is set up to one or multiple GEMS departments, reducing the need to request travel delegate access to each traveler as individuals are hired or leave. A department can have more than one travel coordinator. Travel coordinator access to Power BI reports helps monitor transactions until fully completed.


    Two types of travel coordinator access available: • Delegate capability – An enhanced travel coordinator role that allows users to create, submit, modify, delete, and cancel travel transactions in Archivum. • View only – A basic travel coordinator role that provides view-only capabilities and will not enable submission, modification or approval of transaction. Access may be requested by submitting the form available at link below.

    Helpful Links

    Travel Forms

    These forms are required for systems access and set up.

    Travel Forms

    Additional Travel forms for Expense Report Documentation and other processes in Travel.

    Travel Listserv

    Travel Listserv is used to announce policy updates and changes to procedures to the USF Business Travel user community.