An invoice is a written document submitted to a purchaser showing the quantity, price, terms, nature of delivery and other particulars of goods or services sold or services rendered.

Elements of a good invoice:

Vendors are instructed to send regular invoices directly to Accounts Payable for payment. Departmental approval will be obtained through the Receiving process in FAST. This receipt verifies the satisfactory  receipt of goods or service.

Invoices for amount-only PO's should be directed by the ordering department to go to the departments, directly, for entry of the receipt into Fast.  Departments should note the purchase order and receipt numbers on the invoice and send it to Accounts Payable via email or delivered to the AP department in ALN 147.

Approval and acceptance consists of puling up the Purchase Order on a receipt, changing quantity if necessary, and clicking the 'save' button. Invoices should be sent to Accounts Payable ALN 147 or emailed to AP Invoices.