MS in Business Analytics & Information Systems

Information Assurance Concentration

In addition to the Technical Core and Capstone courses, students must complete the following:

Required courses – 6 credits

Course Credits Title
ISM 6328 3 Information Security & Risk Management
ISM 6930 3 Selected Topics: Decision Analysis for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Electives – 6 credits

Any two elective courses from the set of courses listed below

Course Credits Title
ISM 6145 3 Seminar on Software Testing
ISM 6316 3 Project Management
ISM 6124 3 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design
ISM 6218 3 Advanced Database Management
ISM 6266 3 Software Architecture

To complete the Information Assurance concentration, students will need to meet the 33 credit hour requirement for the MS in BAIS degree by taking graduate level electives for the program. Other electives from across the campus may also be taken to meet the 33 credit hour requirement with prior approval of the academic advisor of the program.