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A group of training participants stand and pose for a picture

USF CTPE transforms leadership training for U.S. Special Operations Command

The Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education offers a myriad of special programs and tailored corporate training to meet the unique needs of organizations. Recently, CTPE provided a custom leadership workshop for the Materiel Readiness Division of the U.S. Special Operations Command-Central.

May 14, 2024Process Improvement

A woman writing something on a white board

What's the Manager's Role in Implementing Lean Principles?

As a manager, you play an integral role in the successful implementation of Lean principles within your organization. These methods have revolutionized businesses by improving processes, increasing efficiency, and driving down costs while helping to secure market position and customer loyalty.

March 21, 2023Leadership and Management, Process Improvement

Two people looking at notes on a board in an office

8 Common Misconceptions About Business Process Improvement

For many businesses, the idea of improving processes and becoming more efficient is an appealing goal. While most professionals would agree that process improvement should be a priority for their business, there are a few common misconceptions surrounding the concept of business process improvement, or BPI, and how to implement it.

February 21, 2023Process Improvement

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Why Customer Value Is the Ultimate Goal of Process Improvement

I have had the opportunity to work in the continuous improvement field for approximately 15 years. There have been some changes in the field: new theories, different ideas about how to improve processes, etc.

August 2, 2022Process Improvement

A group of people sitting around a table with a whiteboard in the background

Can Workplace Conflict Support Process Improvement?

What good can come out of office squabbles, customer backlash, and hurt feelings? Plenty, it turns out. Those internal issues are signaling something in your company’s processes and procedures that are inefficient or broken. Once you’ve identified those areas for growth, you can then apply process improvement principles to turn things around.

May 3, 2022Process Improvement

A group of business people sitting around a table working together

Lean Six Sigma Certification: Is It Worth It?

More and more organizations are committing themselves to process and continuous improvement. As this trend gains ground, you’re probably wondering if it makes sense to pursue Lean Six Sigma certification.

October 28, 2021Process Improvement

A group of people standing in front of a wall filled with pieces of paper and sticky notes

Online Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Resources

If you’re ready to upskill and explore new developments in the field, check out some of our favorite online Lean Six Sigma and process improvement resources.

July 13, 2021Process Improvement

A group of people looking at a graph on a clipboard

Continuous Process Improvement: Why Your Business Needs It

When you’re juggling a million daily tasks, it’s tempting to think continuous process improvement in business is a nice-to-have goal instead of essential work.

March 23, 2021Process Improvement

A workflow graphic with business related icons and graphs

3 Common Obstacles to Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement sounds like such an elegant, straightforward concept: You simply identify, analyze, and improve current business processes to strengthen performance, hit best-practice standards, and boost the end-user experience.

November 3, 2020Process Improvement

A man writing on a wall filled with sticky notes

What Is Process Improvement in Business, and How Can It Help?

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what process improvement managers do for businesses, which brings us to the questions du jour: What is process improvement in business, and how can it help?

August 25, 2020Process Improvement

Two people at a desk with one pointing at a calendar on a computer screen and the other person typing

How Time Management Drives Process Improvement

Most organizations lose time to everything from inefficient meetings to outdated processes. But if you know how to wisely allocate your team’s time, you’ll be better prepared to meet deadlines, increase productivity, and attract top employees.

July 3, 2020Process Improvement

A man wearing athletic clothing running on a treadmill

6 Ways to Improve Employee Wellness for Productivity

As a leader in your organization, you’re faced with a tough challenge. How can you maintain productivity (and profitability) when workers are chronically stressed due to COVID-19? The answer is simple: Take care of your employees’ emotional and mental well-being.

May 22, 2020Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Process Improvement, Professional Development

About Corporate Training and Professional Education

USF Corporate Training and Professional Education empowers people to craft their future without limits through engaging professional growth learning and certification programs. Its programs focus on an array of topics – human resources, project management, paralegal, process improvement, leadership skills, technology, and much more.