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a group of people sit and discuss a topic at last years basic economic development course

USF Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education Offering Basic Economic Development Course This Fall

This fall, USF’s Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education will host the 48th annual Basic Economic Development Course.

April 30, 2024Leadership and Management

Jay Powers speaking at the podium at the GROW Pasco 2024 event

Corporate Training and Professional Education Instructor Jay Powers Gives Insightful Presentation on Leadership and Success

The event GROW Pasco 2024 was the backdrop for retired Colonel and University of South Florida instructor Jay Powers, wherein he guided entrepreneurs and leaders toward success earlier this month using the expertise he developed as a U.S. Army Green Beret and leader within the Joint Special Operations Community.

March 28, 2024Leadership and Management

Rows of people sitting in an audience clapping.

A Reminder to Be Thankful - Even in 2020!

Spring brought the ongoing pandemic along with many life-altering modifications. Then, summer saw social divisions resurface and escalate. And fall culminated in a contentious election season. Despite its challenging nature, however, 2020 has reminded me of the blessings I’m thankful for.

January 1, 2024Director's Corner, Leadership and Management

Woman posing in business attire with arms crossed.

Resilience in 2021, Resilience Always

Life, whether in the personal or professional arena, requires resilience—and always will. It’s just that 2020 made it crystal clear. We were suddenly prone to drastic conditions beyond our control. What we could control, however, was our response.

January 1, 2024Director's Corner, Leadership and Management

A man and woman comforting another man

Why Engineers Should Upskill Their Emotional Intelligence

You’ve worked hard to launch your engineering career. But in order to do your best work — and rise to the top – it’s time to develop your emotional intelligence.

May 9, 2023Leadership and Management

A woman writing something on a white board

What's the Manager's Role in Implementing Lean Principles?

As a manager, you play an integral role in the successful implementation of Lean principles within your organization. These methods have revolutionized businesses by improving processes, increasing efficiency, and driving down costs while helping to secure market position and customer loyalty.

March 21, 2023Leadership and Management, Process Improvement

Two people in business attire talking to each other

Why Great Managers Listen to Employee Feedback

Managers are being tasked with not only driving results but attracting and retaining talented individuals for their teams. One of the best ways managers can drive growth for their company and satisfaction for their employees is listening and actively seeking feedback.

January 17, 2023Leadership and Management

A stone street in Greece surrounded by white buildings with blue doors and windows

Much to Be Thankful For

I love Thanksgiving! Isn’t it awesome that our nation designates a day for us to collectively count our blessings? And the traditions that come with it—turkey and trimmings, football, and a nice nap on the couch (I’m not the only one, am I?)—are more than okay with me.

November 22, 2022Leadership and Management

A group of people sitting around a table having a discussion

4 Skills New Managers Should Master

Being promoted to management can be a thrilling experience. It’s a vote of confidence in your abilities and can be a testament to the work you’ve done for the company. Along with the promotion, though, should come a shift in mindset about your approach to work.

July 5, 2022Leadership and Management

A woman speaking to a group sitting around a table

What is Collaborative Leadership, and How Can It Improve Your Workplace?

Millennials and Gen Z now make up more than half the U.S. workforce, and by 2030, all members of the Baby Boom generation will have reached retirement age. Among the many changes ushered in by this generational shift is a move toward collaborative leadership styles instead of top-down management – and it’s transforming the culture of work.

April 5, 2022Leadership and Management

A woman in a denim shirt sitting at a desk with a laptop

How Can You Improve Employee Retention During the Great Resignation?

Call it the Big Quit, the Worker Reshuffle, or the Great Reset, we are in the middle of a seismic change in the workforce that’s giving employers ample reasons to be anxious.

February 22, 2022Leadership and Management, Professional Development

A group of people sitting in an audience watching a presentation

Corporate Partnerships That Go the Distance

As a board member of the National Council for Continuing Education & Training, I recently had the privilege to sit for an interview with The EvoLLLution, a publication devoted to advancing higher education. I offered a philosophical track that continuing education units can take to establish long-term training agreements.

October 26, 2021Director's Corner, Leadership and Management

About Corporate Training and Professional Education

USF Corporate Training and Professional Education empowers people to craft their future without limits through engaging professional growth learning and certification programs. Its programs focus on an array of topics – human resources, project management, paralegal, process improvement, leadership skills, technology, and much more.