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Two people looking at a project management tool on a computer monitor

7 Current Project Management Trends to Keep You Ahead

Project managers tend to be highly organized, structured thinkers, which is another way of saying that project management is not a field known for its creativity and flexibility. However, the worldwide upheaval of the last two years has influenced the best project managers to embrace change in technology, strategy, tools, relationships, and processes, transforming the set-in-its-ways PM domain.

August 1, 2023Project Management

A group of men wearing hard hats and protective glasses

Why Engineers Should Develop Project Management Skills

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elementum lacus lorem, ac pellentesque odio volutpat a. Engineering teams rely on strong leadership, communication, and management to ensure projects are completely on schedule and within budget. Developing project management skills is essential for engineers who want to skillfully lead successful projects, become more efficient, and add value to their organization.

March 7, 2023Project Management

Two women in an office looking at a tablet together

Project Management for Beginners

From kids’ birthday parties to home renovations, everyone has managed a project at some point in their personal lives. And chances are, you’ve managed a project or two at work, even if project manager isn’t in your job title.

September 20, 2022Project Management

A group of people having a meeting while one person is giving a presentation on a white board.

The High Priority of Project Management

Project management is one of the most critical functions in today’s workforce. This is because it falls outside of a company’s normative day-to-day operations and requires a high level of proficiency for a singular outcome.

June 30, 2022Project Management

A woman conducting a virtual job interview with a candidate.

How to Prepare for Your Project Manager Interview Questions

Your resume grabbed the attention of a recruiter and now you’re officially a candidate for a project management role. Congratulations! To get the job, though, you’ve got to know how to prepare for your project manager interview questions.

April 19, 2022Project Management

A woman sitting in front of her computer looking at a graph on her screen

Benefits of PMP Certification on Your Career

More than a million project management professionals across the globe have earned the prestigious PMP certification, making it the most widely recognized (and sought-after) credential in the industry. It can be a time-consuming process to prepare for the rigorous exam, but the rewards of passing it are significant.

August 20, 2021Project Management

A group of people sitting around a table having a meeting

Easy Ways to Earn PDUs for PMP Recertification

Congratulations! You’ve passed your PMP exam and you’re officially a certified Project Management Professional. You should celebrate this accomplishment and all the hours that went into it. Once you’re done celebrating, ensure that you don’t have to study for this test again by preparing for your PMP recertification.

May 18, 2021Project Management

A phone screen displaying the Project Management Professional (PMP) course sign-up page

Benefits of PMP Certification vs Alternate Certifications

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is the preeminent professional credential for project managers. That’s a bold statement to open this article with, but I’m hoping it’s compelling enough to make you keep reading.

May 4, 2021Project Management

A woman sitting at her desk working on a graph on her computer

Six Tips for Remote Project Management

If you’re a traditional project manager who recently joined the army of newly remote workers, trying to shepherd projects to completion can feel disorienting

October 20, 2020Project Management

A group of people sitting at a table and pointing fingers at someone

Five Tips for Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Let’s face it: Workplace disagreements are never fun. When those disagreements boil into overt conflict, though, they become downright excruciating. Unchecked conflict can rob your team of its morale, destroy productivity, and create permanent workplace rifts.

October 13, 2020Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Project Management

A group of people sitting at a table with a laptop open that has a group of people calling in virtually

Tips for Managing Virtual Teams Successfully

If you’re an executive or boss in charge of off-site employees, we invite you to embrace the conversion to distance-leading with our tips for managing virtual teams successfully.

September 8, 2020Leadership and Management, Project Management

A group of three people looking at a laptop on a desk

Qualities of a Good Project Manager

You wear so many hats in your organization, you’re starting to look like an Alice in Wonderland character. Now, a new one has been placed on your head: project manager. You may feel the urge to go mad and start hosting nonsensical tea parties.

July 14, 2020Project Management

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