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A group of people sitting around a table with paperwork and books

Paralegal Skills for Students Pursuing a Legal Career

In many ways, paralegals are the backbone of law offices. They provide crucial support to lawyers through a variety of duties. From interviewing clients to drafting legal documents, paralegals require many soft and hard skills to be successful.

May 16, 2023Legal, Paralegal

A woman sitting in front of her laptop at a desk taking notes

What to Look for in a Paralegal Certificate Program

Whether you are just beginning your career as a paralegal or are an experienced professional, career advancement is probably something that’s been on your mind at one time or another. Thankfully, there has never been a better time to move forward in leveling up your career.

December 20, 2022Legal, Paralegal

Two people sitting at a desk with a stack of books and the scales of justice

What's the Difference Between a Paralegal and Legal Assistant?

Both legal assistants and paralegals support lawyers’ work and typically ensure that law offices run smoothly. However, despite similar job titles, there is a difference between a paralegal and legal assistant. Discover the roles, responsibilities, educational requirements, and salary ranges for each.

August 16, 2022Legal, Paralegal

A person sitting at a desk with a tablet, notebook, laptop, and a scale of justice

Online Legal Research Resources: Enrich Your Legal Career

Effective legal research is a process. You need to identify the legal issue, find laws to support your argument, and confirm that your primary and secondary sources are still relevant.

November 2, 2021Legal, Paralegal

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