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A Reminder to Be Thankful - Even in 2020!

Spring brought the ongoing pandemic along with many life-altering modifications. Then, summer saw social divisions resurface and escalate. And fall culminated in a contentious election season. Despite its challenging nature, however, 2020 has reminded me of the blessings I’m thankful for.

January 1, 2024Director's Corner, Leadership and Management

Woman posing in business attire with arms crossed.

Resilience in 2021, Resilience Always

Life, whether in the personal or professional arena, requires resilience—and always will. It’s just that 2020 made it crystal clear. We were suddenly prone to drastic conditions beyond our control. What we could control, however, was our response.

January 1, 2024Director's Corner, Leadership and Management

A woman wearing a hoodie and a hat working on equipment

Not White, Not Blue, but Something New: The Rise of "New Collar Work"

I previously shared my perspectives on a traditional college degree and how it remains an advantageous entry point to most careers. However, I’m quick to support that position by saying that periodic learning has become the new standard, even with said degree, for success over the long haul.

April 25, 2023Director's Corner

A group of college graduates posing with their diplomas

Traditional College Degree Still Opens Career Doors

Most US adults end up working 40-plus years. That’s a long time, which means it’s critical to navigate a course for a fulfilling career. At USF, we like to talk about our Lifetime Learning Affinity Model and its benefits—academic, professional, and personal—for the duration of an individual’s life.

February 28, 2023Director's Corner

A group of children working on a project together

Quality Youth Experiences for a Bright Future

If you’re the parent of school-aged children it’s not too early to begin planning their summer schedule now. Wait, I know what you’re thinking! Didn’t we ring in 2023 only a few weeks ago?

February 1, 2023Director's Corner

A group of people stacking their hands together

Making Employee Engagement a Priority

The connection between workforce development and economic development is more apparent than ever. As the economy rebounds, we should make a priority of employee engagement which, unsurprisingly, is a reliable predictor of retention.

November 8, 2022Director's Corner

Woman sitting on a couch wearing headphones while using her laptop

Retire from Work? Yes! Retire from Learning and Developing? Never!

This time I will call your attention to the importance of education and progress when the job-related phase of life has ended and, in doing so, highlight the important work of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at USF.

July 29, 2022Director's Corner

A woman in business attire standing in front of a desk with graphics of people icons over the photo.

Human Resources Changes to Meet Modern Workforce Demand

The role of human resources professionals is not the same as it was twenty years ago — or even two years ago, for that matter. As evolving realities emerge, human resources changes are most defined by a broadening range of responsibilities to meet modern workforce demands.

May 31, 2022Director's Corner, Human Resources

A man wearing eyeglasses and a headset

Career Path: Getting Ahead of the Curve with Lifelong Affinity Education

In my last blog entry, I conveyed my vision for a lifelong affinity education model—one where institutes of higher learning serve as local hubs, offering a range of programming to engage populations at virtually every phase of the life cycle.

April 27, 2022Director's Corner, Professional Development

Wooden blocks spelling out Lifelong Learning

The Model of Lifelong Learning

Embedded within my position as director of University of South Florida’s Corporate Training and Professional Education is a broader, encompassing philosophy that advocates for ongoing learning. My vision is one where institutes of higher learning become the go-to hubs of a lifelong affinity education model.

March 31, 2022Director's Corner

A group of people giving a thumbs up

Thankful at Every Level

Another calendar year heads into the home stretch. Before you know it, 2022 will be here. At the present, though, my thoughts turn to the Thanksgiving season—and the significance of its commemoration.

November 23, 2021Director's Corner

A group of people sitting in an audience watching a presentation

Corporate Partnerships That Go the Distance

As a board member of the National Council for Continuing Education & Training, I recently had the privilege to sit for an interview with The EvoLLLution, a publication devoted to advancing higher education. I offered a philosophical track that continuing education units can take to establish long-term training agreements.

October 26, 2021Director's Corner, Leadership and Management

About Corporate Training and Professional Education

USF Corporate Training and Professional Education empowers people to craft their future without limits through engaging professional growth learning and certification programs. Its programs focus on an array of topics – human resources, project management, paralegal, process improvement, leadership skills, technology, and much more.