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SHRM Essentials of HR

New and improved: SHRM Essentials of Human Resources

The SHRM Essentials of HR course offered through USF’s Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education (CTPE) recently underwent a redesign and is now updated to reflect the most current trends and information related to human resources careers.

May 30, 2024Human Resources

Two women in business attire shaking hands

7 Ways to Pave Your Human Resources Career Path

To reach the types of human resources roles you want, it helps to evaluate alternate routes and professional skills that will get you there. And don’t forget to consider some valuable shortcuts – such as certifications and industry connections.

February 6, 2024Human Resources

An employee wearing a business suit and glasses lifting weights

How to Create an Employee Wellness Program That Actually Works

If you already have a wellness program that isn’t working, keep reading to find out how to do it better. Let’s get started with how to make an employee wellness program that actually works.

June 20, 2023Human Resources

A group of five people standing in front of a table with large windows in the background

How Do You Create a Winning Corporate Culture?

Have you ever heard the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast?” There’s a reason why this expression has been long-standing in the business world. Having a winning corporate culture can make or break organizational success.

April 18, 2023Human Resources

A group of people sitting while one person uses a virtual reality headset

13 Team-Building Exercises Your Staff Will Actually Enjoy

Whether your team is in-person, remote, or some combination of the two, team-building exercises are a critical HR technique for creating and maintaining an effective team.

December 6, 2022Human Resources

A woman in a polka dot blouse relaxing with her hands behind her head

How to Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

Maintaining employee morale and engagement was the No. 1 challenge noted by HR professionals in the Society for Human Resources Management’s 2021-2022 State of the Workplace Study.

October 18, 2022Human Resources

A group of people stacking their hands together

How to Build HR Business Partnerships

How do you build a great HR business partnership? First, get curious about the business!

July 19, 2022Human Resources

A woman in business attire standing in front of a desk with graphics of people icons over the photo.

Human Resources Changes to Meet Modern Workforce Demand

The role of human resources professionals is not the same as it was twenty years ago — or even two years ago, for that matter. As evolving realities emerge, human resources changes are most defined by a broadening range of responsibilities to meet modern workforce demands.

May 31, 2022Director's Corner, Human Resources

A bright office space with desks, chairs, and floor to ceiling windows

Improving Corporate Training | Preventing Failure

It has never been more urgent for your company to offer effective training programs to expand workforce skills. But the need for training does not automatically mean your company knows the formula for reskilling and upskilling staff.

December 21, 2021Human Resources

A group of four people having a virtual meeting together

How Corporate Training Has Evolved

Professional development and corporate training are constantly morphing to reflect the times. To keep up with the changing executive education landscape, learn how corporate training has evolved and how you can make the most of today’s professional learning experience.

September 21, 2021Human Resources, Professional Development

A group of people sitting in chairs with one person raising their hand

Types of Corporate Training Programs

If your company is one of the 83% of organizations planning or already offering corporate training programs this year, your participation could put you on the pathway to advancement. You’ll gain new competencies and a competitive advantage for promotions.

July 6, 2021Human Resources, Leadership and Management

Two women dressed in business attire looking at a tablet together

5 Tips for Paralegals to Improve Client Communication

As the liaison between counsel and client, paralegals are called on to handle complex and sensitive exchanges of information. Communicating with your law firm’s clients requires skills in translating legalese, managing documents, keeping track of critical dates, and imparting a level of emotional support.

June 15, 2021Human Resources

About Corporate Training and Professional Education

USF Corporate Training and Professional Education empowers people to craft their future without limits through engaging professional growth learning and certification programs. Its programs focus on an array of topics – human resources, project management, paralegal, process improvement, leadership skills, technology, and much more.