Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment at USF

          Qualified high school students are eligible to participate in USF’s dual enrollment program and earn credits toward a degree while still enrolled in high school.  


Who Qualifies?

  • Public school students whose school districts have an articulation agreement with USF.
  • Charter school students whose schools have an articulation agreement with USF.
  • Private school students whose schools have an articulation agreement with USF.
  • Home school students whose school administrators (parents) have an articulation agreement with USF.

Please Note: USF does not have high school advisors/counselors dedicated to dual enrollment. The only program for which students are assigned a counselor is the Early Admission Program when they become a degree seeking student. The high school counselors at a public or private school institution (charter schools or homeschool parent administrator) are the designated counselors of the students who determine dual enrollment eligibility, monitor course selections with approval forms, and student performance. Students should always work through their school counselors / homeschool parent administrator for courses to be approved. The counselors / homeschool parent administrators know best which high school graduation requirements are needed to receive a diploma and which classes are equivalent in dual enrollment to meet that requirement.

                                                              Deadlines and Timelines

To learn more about establishing a dual enrollment articulation agreement or about applying to participate in dual enrollment, email dualenrollment@usf.edu.