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Refugees + English as a Second Language (ESL) = American Stories

Anthropology in Action!


American Stories, a collection of 21 stories from refugees in the Tampa Bay community.

Dr. Roberta D. Baer and Emily Holbrook created a fantastic service-learning opportunity for USF students that is supporting new members of the Tampa Bay community! Applying their ethnographic interviewing skills in the field, students interviewed local refugees about their lives and experiences. They then compiled 21 of these stories into a book for beginning readers of English. The book will now be used in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for refugees and immigrants! It is also a great read for anyone interested in the experiences of refugees who come to live in the United States.

Thank you to the USF Department of Anthropology, the CARIBE Refugee Program, the Tampa Bay Refugee Task Force, and the Hillsborough County Public Schools for supporting this project. Special thanks to the USF students from Dr. Baer's anthropology courses, and especially to all the participants who shared their stories!

To request a print or digital copy of the book, please contact Dr. Baer at baer@usf.edu.