From CEAP to THJCA Full-Time

Nathalie Marcelin has participated in the Community Engagement Associates Program (CEAP) since January 2018. The CEAP program is facilitated by the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships. Her community placement was with Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association (THJCA), which a non-profit organization whose primary focus is to support youth enrichment and development through after-school and summer programs as well as in-school visits in the Tampa Heights community.

Nathalie is a firs-generation alumna at the University of South Florida who majored in Psychology. She is committed to serving communities of color and volunteerism. She routinely took part in USF’s Day of Service and volunteered at Tampa’s PRIDE events. However, she knew that she wanted to make a bigger impact in the Tampa Bay community.

Due to her life experiences and further learning about racial disparities in her coursework at USF, Nathalie understood that she wanted a career in helping diminish the effects of systemic racism. She believed working at THJCA would be a perfect fit and so she applied. Nathalie’s work with THJCA has positively impacted her academics and professional development. At THJCA, she had the opportunity to lead anger-management exercises, experience some of the job duties of a program coordinator at a non-profit organization, help students with heir interpersonal communication, and even be featured in the Tampa Bay Times with THJCA. “After college, I am inspired to continue to work in the non-profit sector” she stated. Working at THJCA also gave Nathalie the experience of witnessing some of the disparities she learned in class and allowed her the ability to make real-world connections to learning material. 

During her time at THJCA she was able to build a strong professional relationship with the program directors and was officially hired as a case manager after graduating from USF in 2020. A year of working as a case-manager after college gave her a competitive edge for a graduate program in Social Work. She started a Master Program at the University of South Florida’s School of Social Work, Fall 2021.