Envision Alumni Edition Fall 2018

USF College of Engineering alumni news

lakecia gunter

Lakecia Gunter, '95
New position at Intel

jeremy blackburn

Jeremy Blackburn, '14 PhD
Best Paper Award at 2018 IMC

kemi akintewe

Kemi Akintewe, '15 PhD
New faculty member in Dept. of Medical Engineering


gus eggertson

Christopher "Gus" Eggertson, '14
New position at Amazon Web Services

vijay narayanan

Vijay Narayanan, '98 PhD
Appointed to A. Robert Noll Chair in Engineering at PSU

bp argrawal

B.P. Agrawal, '74 PhD 
2018 USF Distinguished Alumni 

 Faculty News


In Memory of Nagarajan "Ranga" Ranganathan
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus


tom weller

Tom Weller, former Chair of Electrical Engineering
New position with Oregon State University



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