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WateReuse Florida announces new endowment for USF Engineering students

WateReuse Florida, a state section of the WateReuse Association, in cooperation with the University of South Florida College of Engineering, has announced a new endowment for the College of Engineering students. On Wednesday, November 4th, development staff from the University of South Florida attended a check presentation with WateReuse Florida- awarding  $25,000 to the University of South Florida's College of Engineering.

WateReuse Florida’s primary goal is to facilitate the development of young professionals and students interested in pursuing a career in water resources, water reuse, water supply treatment or desalination. WateReuse Florida also expressed interest in students with ongoing research projects on water reuse or desalination issues. The qualifications for the WateReuse Florida endowment were outlined through a collaborative effort with their board, many of whom have decades of advanced experience in many different facets of the water resources field.  

Since its founding in 1990, WateReuse has advocated for policies, laws and funding at the state and federal levels to increase the practice of recycling water. The fundamental principle of water reuse is using the right water for the right purpose. They comprise a coalition of utilities, businesses, industries, governmental agencies and water users that are dedicated to recycling water to ensure communities have a safe, reliable and cost-effective supply of water. The scholarship has a longstanding history with the college before the endowment, including an operating scholarship that began in 2011.

Their hope through this scholarship is to provide assistance to a worthy candidate and serve as a pathway to the beginning of a career in the water resource field. "Scholarships provide financial support for students to help pay for a college degree. These funds enable students to obtain a college degree they may not have access to otherwise and reward deserving students with the ability to afford higher education," said Michael Sweeney, President of WateReuse Florida.

In addition to WateReuse's financial support, WateReuse Florida is an industry organization that offers membership to professionals in a variety of facets of the water resources field. Part of their mission includes engaging with students, which includes members acting as a professional resource to students, and students participating in meetings, summits, symposiums and workshops that help develop students professionally.

More on the WateReuse Scholarship here and visit the WateReuse Florida website here.

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