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AI+X Symposium

CSE Hosts our First AI+X Symposium


CSE hosted its first AI+X Symposium on September 29, 2023 with opening remarks from Provost and Professor Prasant Mohapatra. The event brought together 110 researchers and corporate representatives to foster synergy for innovative new projects and research through a series of panels and discussions.

In addition to talks on a host of subjects with Q&A sessions, it featured research poster galleries, and a networking session between  industry experts and AI researchers, all to develop collaborations and insights into cross-disciplinary endeavors to utilize the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence. Distinguished University Professor Lawrence Hall said “There was an excellent Keynote talk about what large language models in AI can and cannot do.  There was lots of good interaction at well attended panel sessions.”

Dr. Konstantine Arkoudas delivered this keynote presentation, ‘Separating Fact from Fiction: The Potential and Limitations of AI.’ Generative AI has the potential to alter the current economic and social landscape, and has already sparked both the imagination and fears of popular culture. Dr.  Arkoudas has researched AI for more than 10 years as an academic, senior research scientist, engineer, and a senior executive with both Amazon and Bloomberg. In his presentation, he addressed the history, limitations, and potential of the new technology.


Provost Prasant Mohapatra and Distinguished University Professor Sudeep Sarkar

Panels addressed the broad categories of AI research and applications in medicine and biology, ethical considerations and AI in society, and advancements in AI and technological innovations. Speakers at these panels covered subjects including computer vision, deep learning, natural language processing, machine learning, large language models, and the intersection of AI technology with medical treatment, legal and ethical issues, risk management, music intervention, air quality, wildlife and ecological conservation, network intrusion detection, cancer survival outcomes, video anomaly detection, and more.

“AI and applications of AI are evolving rapidly and I am delighted to see the collaborative engagements of the USF researchers, and their efforts to make an impact on this emerging area.” said Provost Prasant Mohapatra.

Click here to see a gallery of photos from the event and click here to see the full schedule of presentations.

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