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CSE Ambassador helped judge the Congressional App Challenge

In 2013, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Resolution 77 – Academic Competition Resolution of 2013, which created an annual, district-by-district app competition for students. The bi-partisan effort aims to inspire an appreciation for computer science and programming among middle school and high school students. In the first seven years of the Challenge, over 40,000 students from all 50 states participated. 

Chloe Berry (CS Senior), President of the Society of Competitive Programmers and a CSE Ambassador, had the opportunity to serve as a judge of four of the contestants in our district. The apps she judged included a video game, an app to help protect sea turtles, an app to help shorten lunch lines, and a smart fire extinguisher app.

“It was deeply inspiring seeing young students showing interest in CSE, especially providing solutions to common problems in their communities,” said Chloe. “The judging was tough, each app I reviewed was well thought out and impressive!” said Chloe.

CSE Ambassadors is a departmental program made possible by the Computing Partners Program.

To see more information about the Congressional App Challenge, click here.

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