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From left to right: Prasant Mohapatra, Mayra Morfin, Rhea Law

From left to right: Prasant Mohapatra, Mayra Morfin, Rhea Law

CSE Graduate Advisor Mayra Morfin Awarded an Outstanding Staff Award

In recognition of her contributions to CSE as the undergraduate program assistant, Mayra Morfin was awarded the USF Outstanding Staff Award on Friday, October 6, 2023, at the USF School of Music Concert Hall. This recognition is one of the highest honors a USF employee can receive. Mayra was the CSE Undergraduate Program Assistant for five years and now is the CSE Graduate Advisor. 

For five years, Mayra enabled student success for undergraduate students. She supported two full-time undergraduate advisors, nine student organizations, handled clerical duties, including student records, course permits, reviewed graduation applications with each student in one-on-one basis, supervised FWS students, and supported 41 full time faculty. For further perspective on her herculean efforts, the department has over 2600 undergraduate students in four majors with a 64:1 student-faculty ratio. CSE awards over 400 BS degrees per year, and she was a calm source of wisdom to each one. 

Beyond even those duties,. Mayra also organized student travel plans to conferences as well as our annual “Week of Welcome” event.

“It’s a great privilege & honor to receive this award! I am grateful to God for all the opportunities that I have been given here at USF as a former student and full-time staff member. This award serves as a token of gratitude to everyone who has played an integral part in helping me be the person I am today: my parents, the CSE faculty and staff, and the students that I’m fortunate to serve. I believe that serving others is one of the best ways that we can make a difference in the world and that’s what I hope to continue doing while I am here.” said Mayra with a gigantic grin.

Congratulations, Mayra!

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