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Mia (Mahshid) Naeini - Assistant Professor; Zhuo Lu - Associate Professor

Collaborative research - Secure, resilient cyber-physical energy system workforce pathways via data-centric, hardware-in-the-loop training

This project's primary goal is to establish a CyberTraining hub for cyber-physical energy systems in Southern Florida. The project seeks to enhance resilience and security research and education, providing students and researchers with hands-on training.  

The project addresses significant technical and research challenges. Hardware-in-the-loop power tested connected with a virtual network laboratory will be used to characterize system dynamics, where state-of-the-art hardware and software modules will enable humans, machines, and grids to cooperate in a near-to-real learning environment and strongly enable hands-on training and research.

The testbed enables attack scenario creations in the cyber domain, where the attacking process and consequence are visualized and studied in the physical system. Data analysis techniques based on machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) will be developed as a set of cyber defense mechanisms.

The education and training components include cross-disciplinary curricula design, two-week workshops for immersive training and projects for research experience.  

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