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CSE Participation in USF Engineering EXPO 2024

On February 9th and 10th, 2024 USF held its 52nd annual Engineering Expo, and over 5000 students visited over 60 exhibitors, student orgs, demonstrations. Three of which were CSE student organizations.  Expo showcases the work of STEM student-run organizations, corporate partners, and STEM community partners to current and future engineers, scientists, and STEM students.



RoboBulls is for students who have a passion for robotics. Members have participated in national and international competitions, such as RoboCup.  


“For the expo, we presented self-made robots which we have named Hambots,” said Genesis Mangilit, waving at the robots. The robots were built with Raspberry Pis, motors, various sensors, cameras, and 3D-printed parts designed by the students. 

“I would say that the expo as a whole does offer such an invaluable experience for learners from the younger generation on the cool possibilities arising from the STEM fields.”



The Society of Competitive Programmers is dedicated to encouraging students to participate in programming competitions and hackathons. We facilitate the formation and mentoring of teams by providing technical workshops and hands-on programming sessions. 

“SCP's expo project was an exciting game where a student would draw a picture, and a trained AI model would guess the picture,” said Chloe Berry (Senior, Computer Science). 

The project was a challenge due to the time restriction and limits in processing power. For training, the model used thousands of images, and by the end, it was able to guess with relative accuracy.

"We're happy that the kids had a great time," said Anelle Utegen (Sophomore, Computer Science)

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WiCSE is focused on gathering female students who are majoring, or interested in, computer science and engineering to provide support, career guidance, opportunities to discuss relevant topics and fun!  

For the expo, a WiCSE student made a short video game. “The game allowed the kids to choose women superheroes and an arena to battle an evil villain.” said Alex Cannon (Senior, Computer Science). The game mechanic was to answer quiz questions. Right answers would damage the villain, and wrong ones would damage the player.


“In the eyes of the kids at the USF engineering expo, I saw the future engineers, scientists, and innovators. Our project was a small step for them, but it represented a giant leap towards their boundless futures,” said Alex.

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USF Engineering EXPO is a free event open to the University of South Florida and the Tampa Bay community. 

The USF Engineering Expo provides educational and interactive demonstrations for peers, community members, and students in K-12 grades. Cub scouts can even get a merit badge from attending. More about Engineering Expo can be found here.

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