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Fall 2023 Outstanding Graduates

CSE Congratulates Fall 2023 Outstanding Graduates

In the College of Engineering Induction to the Profession Ceremony in both fall and spring semesters, CSE recognizes a graduate from each of its four undergraduate degree programs with outstanding academic accomplishments. For Fall 2023, the outstanding graduates were Chau Nguyen (Computer Science), Omar Alkhawaldeh (Computer Engineering), An Nguyen (Cybersecurity), and Nina Kamath (Information Technology). Congratulations to all four outstanding graduates. Pictured are Omar, An, and Nina. We were unable to reach Chau Nguyen for this release. 

Omar Alkhawaldeh (Computer Engineering)

“In high school, my football coach also taught computer science. He showed us the creative side of the subject instead of sticking to traditional tests and homework. I credit him for sparking my passion in this field.” said Omar. He interned at Bank of America, and received a full time offer, starting this February.

An Nguyen (Cybersecurity)

“As a kid I always grew up reading fiction books where the hero was tech-savy and had hacking skills.” said An. “My family and friends have been with me every step of the way. I owe it to them to work and study hard.” An will be starting an online Masters in the Fall. 

Nina Kamath (Information Technology)

Nina had a strong inclination toward mathematics from an early age. In high school, her introduction to HTML and CSS sparked a more developed interest in the field, which quickly led to Java and Python. “My proactive approach to learning and collaborative engagement in group projects significantly contributed to my success.” said Nina, who is currently comparing options for full time work as a database developer or a web developer.

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