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CSE Congratulates Spring 2024 Outstanding Graduates

In the College of Engineering Induction to the Profession Ceremony in both fall and spring semesters, CSE recognizes a graduate from each of its four undergraduate degree programs with outstanding academic accomplishments. For Spring 2024, the outstanding graduates were Austin Veltri (Computer Science), Jacob Hansen (Computer Engineering), and Collin Reynolds (Information Technology). Congratulations to all four outstanding graduates. The Outstanding CyberSecurity Graduate wished to not be identified.

Austin Veltri - Computer Science


Austin started out designing video game modifications as a hobby, and soon developed an appreciation of the craftsmanship of algorithms and a deep love of invigorating puzzles. “I pride myself on consistently delivering high quality work. My proudest moment was when I created a memory page replacement simulation. I wrote the entire program in C, and I had to design my own data structures for it. The project taught me a lot about design, memory management, and debugging.”

During his time at USF, he explored many interesting topics including algorithm design, operating systems, databases, automata theory, and cybersecurity. Ultimately, he decided to pursue a degree in computer science to become a software engineer.

Jacob Hansen - Computer Engineering


Jacob  was recruited to USF as a National Merit Scholar through the Benacquisto scholarship. He was active in Rotaract, the Honors College, and served for 3 years as an RA for Residential Education and in the Engineering Living Learning Community (LLC). Jacob spent a summer in a USF REU with Professor Sun, working on infant pain detection at Tampa General Hospital’s NICU, and he worked for two semesters in Professor Andujar's Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab. Under Professor Andujar, he worked on brain-controlled drone flight. 

“I chose computer engineering because while I enjoy software development, I also enjoy working with the lower-level details of hardware and embedded systems.” He graduated in the Spring Semester of 2024 with a degree in computer engineering, a minor in mathematics, and as an Honors College graduate. He’s moving to Georgia in a few months to begin his career as an electronics engineering contractor with 402nd Software Engineering Group for the US Air Force.

Collin Reynolds - IT


Collin chose to pursue Information Technology due to his broad interests in STEM which  encompassed all varieties of technology involved in I.T., such as networks, cybersecurity, software development, cloud computing, and systems architecture for businesses. “My experience at USF was overall very pleasant, I was able to share my enjoyment of my education with great friends, peers, and faculty.” said Collin Reynolds.

After graduation he'll be participating on a study abroad program to Japan, and upon returning, he’ll be begin work as a full-time I.T. technician role at a top 25 accounting firm.

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