Graduate Council

Council Members

Name Position College Term Phone
Shivendu, Shivendu Chair, 2022-2023 Business 19-23 4-6337
Dave, Vrushank Vice-Chair Medicine 19-23 4-6102
Muller, Pamela Hallock Secretary Marine Science    
Policy/Fellowship Committee
Name College Term Phone
Bahner, Ingrid, Chair Medicine 19-23 813-974-3454
Biswal, Manas Pharmacy 19-23 813-974-8333
Efre, Andrea Nursing 22-25  
Haley, Bill Behavioral and Community Sciences 22-25 813-974-9739
Javidi, Gita Sarasota-Manatee Rep 22-25  
Malservisi, Rocco Arts and Sciences 19-23 813-974-1593
Morgan, Hailey Nursing - Grad Student Rep 22-23  
O'Sullivan, Andrea Education - Grad Student Rep 22-23  
Robison, John The Arts 22-25  
Rote, Wendy St. Petersburg Rep 22-25  
Smith, Patriann Education 20-23 813-974-1062
Sun, Yu Engineering 19-23 813-974-7508
TBA Arts and Sciences (at-large)    
TBA Global Sustainability    
TBA Marine Science - -
n/a Public Health (see curriculum comm) - -
Curriculum Committee
Name College Term Phone
Dave, Vrushank Medicine 19-23 813-974-0930
Callejas, Linda Behavioral and Community Sciences 22-25  
Cline, Genevieve Nursing 23-26  
Ghebremichael, Kebreab Global Sustainability 20-23 813-974-9061
Hooker, Robert Business 19-23 813-974-6178
Muller, Pamela Hallock Marine Science 21-24 3-1567
Naeini, Mia Engineering 19-23 813-974-1597
Norton, Emily Libraries 22-25  
Roberts, Jill Public Health 22-25 813-974-6985
Scharm, Heike Arts and Sciences (At Large) 21-24 813-974-8961
Sherry, Michael Education 20-23 813-974-3533
Szepe, Helena The Arts 22-25  
Varghese Gupta, Sheeba Pharmacy 19-23 813-974-2603
Wildman, Derek, Chair Public Health 21-23 813-974-9775
Zambrano, Jose Ezagui Engineering - Grad Student Rep 22-23  
TBA Arts and Sciences    
TBA Medicine    
    - -
Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members
Name Position College/Department Phone
Ruth Bahr Dean Graduate Studies 4-7161
Sylvia Wilson Thomas Interim VP Research and Innovation 4-4011
Javier Cuevas Asst. VP for Faculty and Academic Affairs, USF Health USF Health  
Cynthia Brown Hernandez Director, Academic Planning and Operational Reporting University Accreditation Liaison  
Kelly Osterman and Elizabeth Kiebel Co-Presidents GAU ------
Brandi Murphy President GPSC ------
Name Position College/Department Phone
Carol Hines-Cobb Assistant Director Graduate Studies 4-4239
Joseph Butts Tech. & Sys. Mgr. Graduate Studies 4-3586
Jessica Wilson Acad. Svcs. Admin. Graduate Studies 4-2847
Donna Knudsen Campus Assistant Dean, St. Petersburg Graduate Studies  
Sandra Stone Campus Assistant Dean, Sarasota-Manatee Graduate Studies  
Katie Wagner Associate Director Admissions 4-5694
Francisco Vera Assistant Director Graduate Admissions 4-2829
Robyn Tornay Associate University Registrar Registrar's Office 4-701
Theresa Chisolm Vice Provost Provost and Executive VP 4-2281
Toure Rider Associate VP Innovative Education 4-3077