Cost to Attend


Your cost of attendance as a graduate certificate student depends upon the graduate certificate you choose, your residency status, and whether you are taking the program online or on-campus. Below are some important factors to consider as you assess your cost of attendance.


For current tuition rates and fee information, please visit our University Controller’s Office. The listed tuition rates are broken down per credit hour. Multiply the cost per credit hour by the number of credits required for a single course (usually 3 credit hours) for an idea of the cost per class. Then, multiply the cost per class by the total number of credit hours required to complete your prospective graduate certificate (usually 12–15 credit hours) for an approximation of your overall cost of attendance.


The rate of your tuition charges will be dependent upon your designated residency status, which will be disclosed to you upon receipt of your application. To be considered for Florida residency, you will need to have a permanent Florida address and provide sufficient legal ties to the state of Florida, usually through means of your Florida driver’s license, vehicle registration, or voter ID, which can be disclosed during submission of your online application. More information regarding Florida residency requirements can be found through the Office of the Registrar.

Additional Fees

There is a $37 flat fee assessed once per semester to graduate certificate students. Additionally, there are course-specific fees, such as distance learning fees ($30) for online courses and college-specific fees. These are described in greater detail through the University Controller's Office. Other course-related costs, such as materials and textbooks, are not reflected in tuition and fees.