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Base salary increases and an increase to USF’s minimum wage

Increase to Minimum wage

USF’s minimum wage will increase to a starting rate of $15 per hour for eligible employees effective 09/02/22 with the first paycheck having the new minimum wage reflected on 09/23/22. This impacts active non-student, eligible employees on a position.

Additionally the State of Florida minimum wage is increasing to $11 per hour. All eligible student and OPS/Temp employees will receive an increase to the new minimum effective 09/30/22 and will be reflected on the paychecks dated 10/21/22.


The University of South Florida will provide a three percent (3%) discretionary pool to allocate to eligible out-of-unit administrative and staff employees for base salary adjustments effective 10/14/2022 (to be included in the paycheck dated 11/04/2022). 


To be eligible for the base pay increase, employees must meet the following criteria:

  • They are out-of-unit employees in the Executive/Administration pay plan -OR- out-of-unit employees in the Staff pay plan
  • They were employed in an established position on or before 3/31/2022 and are continuously employed in an established position through the effective date of the increase
  • An employee cannot be eligible for both a Faculty and non-Faculty increase in the same fiscal year cycle
  • They do not have an overall rating of “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” on their FY22 performance evaluation of record
  • They do not have an open Performance Improvement Plan

Supervisors should consider these guidelines for distribution of 3% discretionary funds:

  • Utilize the budget pool to address pay for performance, and any pay disparities which may exist within the departmental unit.
  • Take into account whether the employee has already received a base salary increase due to their individual performance for FY22.
  • Total amount distributed cannot exceed the pool of funds allocated.


Colleges and Divisions will receive a 3% discretionary pool (if applicable) based on the base pay of all eligible employees and positions. Lists of eligible employees will be distributed to each college or division with the total pool.

  • Eligible employees appointed to a less than full-time position will receive a prorated amount based on their FTE
  • The completed lists should be DocuSigned by the Dean, VP or delegated authority prior to return to Central Human Resources


  • All in-unit employee groups of AFSCME, GAU, PBA, SEIU and UFF
  • Temporary/OPS employees


For questions, please contact


Where is the funding for these increases coming from?

Please check with your campus financial leadership on the distribution of funds methodology.

  • For the Tampa campus (excl Health), ST. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee campuses - funding for the E&G portion of the increases will provided from centrally set aside pools of recurring funding; while other sources of funds need to account for them within their budgeted expenses and cash available.
  • For Health campus - funding for the E&G portion of the increase will come from each Health college’s approved E&G budget.  The expense related to the non-E&G portion of the increase will be absorbed by the funds available from the source the employee is paid from.

How will the increases be applied to individual employees? 

It is intended that unit area leads will be provided with a pool of funds calculated on 3% of the eligible employees’ base salaries. It is important to note that priority is given for any wage adjustments to address any possible pay discrepancies which may exist among current employee salaries.  The area manager would be expected to award the increases based on the performance and/or contributions of eligible members. 

I may need some guidance on how to distribute the increases.  Is there someone who can help me through the process?  

Absolutely.  Sean Lloyd, Assoc. Director or Compensation or Ken Stidham, Director of Compensation would be more than happy to set up a time to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to either via email to partner in the process.

When is the employee information needed back to HR Compensation team?

In order to ensure the increases are realized on the 11/04/2022 pay date, spreadsheets sent to the departments will need to be reviewed and returned to HR Compensation team, via, no later than noon on 10/04/2022.

Update September 26, 2022

Due to the impending impact of Hurricane Ian to the Tampa Bay region, the Compensation team has extended the deadline to return the three percent discretionary increase pool spreadsheets to Friday, October 7th.  The increases will retain the same effective date of Friday, October 14th and will be included in the November 4thpaycheck. 

Please send any questions and your unit’s completed spreadsheets to the Compensation team, via

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