Classification & Compensation

Job Titles, Working Titles & Pay Bands

Job Titles

Job Families

Job families group jobs which involve work of the same very broad nature or purpose, but requiring varying levels of skill and responsibility.  For example, "Administrative & Business Services" is a job family.  "Office Manager" and "Staff Assistant" are jobs within that family.

In all cases, a job may only reside in one career family.  However, jobs in a family may not be unique to a single department, college, campus or program; i.e. jobs in the same job family may reside in the same department or in different departments across the University.  The job families at USF are:

  • Academic & Student Services
  • Admin Support
  • Athletics
  • Business Services
  • Campus Operations
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Executive Leadership
  • Faculty
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Health & Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Library 
  • Public Safety
  • Research 
  • Student/Intern
  • University Advancement

Working Titles

USF's Compensation and Classification team provides classification titles that are descriptive of the work performed. However, when a more specific title would serve the unit’s operational interests, a working title may be used to describe the function of the position in even greater detail or more easily recognized terms in both internal and external communications. Requests to use working titles must be submitted and approved via the Classification & Compensation Request Form.

Classification and Compensation reserves the right to deny a working title that does not follow the following guidelines:

    • A working title should not use elements of another USF classification
    • A working title should not misrepresent the level of authority or responsibility of the position

Working titles may be used to:

    • Provide a more specific description of the function or work performed to better facilitate business communications.
    • Align with professional/industry practice.

Working Title Examples 

Good Examples
Job Title Good Working Title Rationale
Assistant Director Assistant Director of XZY unit Identifies unit
Human Resources Administrator Human Resources Administrator for College of XZY Identifies both subject matter and organization
Supervisor Payroll Supervisor Provides subject matter expertise
Poor Examples
Job Title Poor Working Title Rationale
Compensation Analyst Compensation Director Assumes title assigned to jobs with distinct job responsibilities and oversight
Payroll Specialist Head of Payroll Implies status or authority beyond what position is assigned


Pay Bands

Staff Pay Bands

Staff Pay Bands
Band Job Category Annual Minimum Annual Midpoint Annual Maximum Biweekly Minimum Biweekly Midpoint Biweekly Maximum
A Clerical & Operational Workers $22,000 $29,500 $37,000 $842.91 $1,130.27 $1,417.63
B General Staff Support & Operational Lead Workers $25,000 $36,000 $47,000 $957.85 $1,379.31 $1,800.77
C Specialist & Technicians $30,000 $45,000 $60,000 $1,149.43 $1,724.14 $2,298.85
D Supervisors, Technologist, Senior Specialist $34,500 $56,500 $78,500 $1,321.84 $2,164.75 $3,007.66

Law Enforcement Staff Pay Bands

Law Enforcement Staff Pay Bands
Band Job Category Annual Minimum  Annual Midpoint Annual Maximum Biweekly Minimum Biweekly Midpoint Biweekly Maximum
52 Officer $56,000 $67,500 $82,000 $2,145.59 $2,586.21 $3,141.76
53 Corporal $76,000 $87,000 $101,000 $2,911.88 $3,333.33 $3,869.73
54 Sergeant & Investigator $82,000 $97,000 $115,000 $3,141.76 $3,716.48 $4,406.13

Administration Pay Bands

Table Caption
Band Job Category Annual Minimum Annual Midpoint Annual Maximum
E Professional Individual Contributors $37,500 $70,500 $103,500
F Management & Senior Professionals $44,000 $88,000 $132,000
G Associate Department Directors, Program Directors, Specialized Functional Experts $51,500 $110,000 $168,500
H Department Heads $61,000 $138,000 $215,000
I Executive Leadership $72,500 N/A Open