Classification & Compensation

Position Descriptions

Every Staff and Administration job at USF has a position description (also called a job description) which includes its primary purpose, essential functions, qualifications, department, and other significant characteristics. In the classification process, job descriptions are associated with formal job titles, job families, and salary plans. The classification of a position determines salary range, minimum qualifications, benefits eligibility, and other terms and conditions.

Jobs in the Staff and Administration pay plans are classified by Human Resources and the procedures on this website apply to these jobs. Temporary (formerly OPS) jobs are also reviewed by HR through the classification process if the request is for an exempt or salaried appointment. Otherwise, there is no formal classification process for Temporary positions. The hiring college and the Provost's Office approve the job titles for all regular and adjunct faculty positions.

Position descriptions are formal records of job duties. (See a Sample Position Description.) They play the major role in determination of the classification (and hence the formal pay range) of positions. They also play significant roles in advertisement for position vacancies, identification of training needs, the establishment of performance standards, and performance evaluation. Position descriptions are prepared by supervisors or managers, reviewed by administrators, and approved by HR. Refer to the Careers@USF Department User Guide for more information on completing the position description and requesting a classification action.

Administration and Staff positions are classified by HR before they are advertised or filled. When significant changes in a position's duties occur, a new position description should be prepared by the supervisor or manager and submitted to HR to initiate a reclassification process. There are other position-related statuses which must be approved by HR and so involve specific approval processes. Actions such as changes in the full time equivalency (FTE) of a position, assignment of lead worker duties, and assignment of on-call status, are made through processes described on this website. Shift differential pay additives are not used at USF.