Classification & Compensation

Hiring and Pay Action Authority

The University President has directly delegated to Vice Presidents decisions regarding personnel and those Vice Presidents have identified managers with Hiring and Pay Action responsibilities which includes identifying employment needs and managing personnel decisions in their specialized areas including hiring, appointments, and terms of employment as noted in the General Delegation of Authority D1 and USF Policy 0-100.

Each employee vested with managerial authority should be aware of their position title and the expectations and boundaries of their authority with regard to Hiring and Pay Actions. The Hiring and Pay Action Authority Diagram includes a Legend that indicates three levels of authority. The broadest authority is level 1 and each level incorporates the lower levels of authority. Authority for non-faculty employees is delegated within parameters specified by Central Human Resources in the Hiring and Pay Action Authority Summary document.

Human Resources maintains an index of positions and names with delegated authority. Human Resources will reach out at the start of each academic year to the Vice Presidents and Deans to update the index with any positions or names that have changed.