Classification & Compensation

Updating Position Information

Changes in Supervisor ("Reports To") on Position Data

It is a very common transaction to change the supervisor of a position. This action affects not only the responsibility for hiring, assigning work, and evaluating performance, but also the authority to initiate the reclassification and/or recruitment of positions, approve leave and the payment of travel expenses. Classification, recruiting, leave and travel approval are automated, and supervisory relationships must be properly reflected in Human Resources' records in order for these systems to function correctly.

Each Faculty, Administration and Staff position at USF has a designated supervisor. This statement uses the term "position" rather than "employee" since a position may be vacant and continue to have a particular supervisor who will hire and supervise the next employee hired. Likewise, a vacant supervisory position may continue to supervise positions until it is filled. (In this case, the typical supervisory role is assumed to be transferred temporarily to the next level supervisor.)

Changes in the designated supervisor are made in Careers@USF. Refer to the Careers@USF Department User Guide for instructions.

Changes in Department ID, Campus Telephone Number, Mail Point or FTE

This section applies to any changes in position data which do not involve changing the primary purpose or essential functions. The department ID, telephone number, mail point, and FTE do not affect the classification of a job but are recorded as part of position data. These changes are made in Careers@USF. Refer to the Careers@USF Department User Guide.

Changed or Increased Duties

When a pay change is requested due to new duties, a memo outlining the new duties must be sent to HR, along with the SPI Form. The HR Service Consultant or Compensation Analyst who reviews the request will advise the supervisor or manager if formal revision of the position description is necessary. Please refer to the procedures regarding Special Pay Increases (SPI) for more detailed information.

Changes in Primary Purpose and/or Essential Functions

Minor changes in the essential functions of a position may be documented at any time they occur. In cases where the primary purpose or essential functions undergo significant change, the position description in Careers@USF should be updated and an appropriate classification action requested. The HR Service Consultant will review the updated position description for appropriate classification and advise the dean or director if reclassification is appropriate. If so, the position will be reclassified (see Reclassification).