Embedded Services

USF's new approach to Human Resources will modernize our practices and create consistent HR service levels for employees across USF.

What does embedded services mean?

The University of South Florida has recently launched a new HR model called "Embedded Services" that is designed to provide customized HR support to each department. This program aims to replace the previous system of separate HR support teams for each department and instead provide a dedicated team of HR professionals to work directly with each department. The goal of this change is to streamline HR processes and improve the employee experience by offering consistent, compliant, and personalized service.

With the implementation of the Embedded Services program over the next 18 months, HR practitioners at USF will have access to a wider range of resources and expertise, which will enable them to better serve the evolving needs of the university community. In the embedded services model, Central HR will absorb high-volume transactional activity, thereby freeing departments/units to focus on more strategic initiatives that help them towards their goals. Continue on below to learn more about how this model will enhance USF and its employees moving forward. 

Improved Employee Experience

Currently, HR service levels vary widely by department due to varying needs and availability within a units budget. These inconsistencies can cause many employees to experience difficulties when it comes to HR functions. By implementing the embedded services model, all employees will receive consistent standardized service levels with direct access to a Central Human Resources staff member.

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Competent and Compliant Service

With this model, employees who touch HR will be trained in HR. By all HR functionalities reporting through Central Human Resources, departments and employees will experience more competent and compliant service levels. Having career HR professionals leading our HR Business Partners across the university, the support, training, and coaching will be avaliable to ensure the best HR service across USF.

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Career Growth & Learning

In the current siloed HR structure, many employees start in roles with no possibility for growth as the sole HR role in their unit. Through the embedded services model, a new organizational structure called "pods" will create clear career paths for our HR staff to advance through at USF. This will result in lower turnover, higher levels of engagement, and opportunities for learning in all areas of human resources.

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Greater return on HR spend

By pooling resources, departments will be able to receive standardized levels of HR services at a decreased cost. These dollars can then be allocated to other strategic priorities within their units which help support USF's strategic plan. This change will also increase productivity through reduced mistakes and less time being wasted on coordination between CHR and units. 

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  • "By combining our Advancement HR team which intimately knows our people and processes with the strength of our dynamic CHR team, we have already seen this embedded services model enhance Advancement’s agility. Our ability to post jobs immediately, produce offer letters the moment a verbal offer is accepted, and have representatives of our division at the table for university-wide HR projects is a game changer. This partnership also provides significant growth opportunities for the Advancement HR leader as she now partners more closely with HR experts in many specialties and other generalists across our university. I am confident this mutually beneficial partnership is what USF needs to best serve our people and great university."

  • "Our office is excited to be a part of this high impact embedded services model.  It will give us the opportunity to align what we do on the regional campus with USF central HR, providing consistency and delivery of services to our faculty, staff and students more efficiently and effectively. This concept will also allow HR leaders across each campus the ability to work together to drive culture, business and people strategy, resulting in the greater promotion of career paths, talent management and development of our HR professionals."

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this transition take place?

The expected transition time for this new model is 18-24 months. Some early-adapting departments have already begun transitioning. Central Human Resources will initate and work with the heads of units to transition into the embedded services model over this time period. Continue to utilize your contacts and resources in Central HR as you normally do until your area transitions. 

How will my position be impacted?

Emphasis will be placed on the opportunities of growth and development for all employees. Central Human Resources will assign personnel to help each employee during this journey. Employees effected during the implementation and transition of the model would fall into three categories: (1) Retain - Retain into "like" roles would have immediate opportunities for growth and development (2) Retrain - Retrain in talent sharing pool for consideration into vacant positions within the University. This would include training and integration into the new role. (3) Recast - Recast for those that do not meet established minimum criteria for any position or have elected to leave. 

Where will I fit in this new model?

Through the utilization of the recruitment process, CHR in conjunction with department leadership will work together to determine the opportunity that would work best based on the goals and objectives of that department/unit and service-level expectations. There are several configurations that each offer different levels of service based on the ratio of HR employees to university employees. 

What can I do to prepare for this transition?

Stay connected by attending Board of Trustee meetings, Central HR meetings and monitoring this informational page. Visit the Employee Success Center's Career Development page to examine your skillsets, passions and strengths as you consider interests and aspirations for the future. Employee upskilling will be a priority. Through the HR academy, Financial/Accounting Academy and Employee Success Center, employees can gain credentials that will arm them with the tools they need to excel.

What is a "pod" and where will they be located?

Pods are organized groups of HR business partners dedicated to a pool of departments/units. Despite this structure, employees will remain embedded within the departments. Physical locations will be determined based on availability in conjuction with the departments.

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns, please fill out our questionaire to recieve a response from a Central Human Resources representative.

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We encourage you to read the full proposal "Aligning & Optimizing for a Best Place to Work with Embedded Services" online.