About Us

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Provost's Scholars Program (PSP) is a professional and personal development program for students to graduate from the University of South Florida (USF) one year ahead of your peers, with a competitive edge and a portfolio of diverse involvement that complements your experiences in the classroom.

What We Do

Through individualized academic advising, intentional programming, and reflective curriculum, the Provost’s Scholars Program supports our students through your academic degree program and core co-curricular experiences that positively impact your development inside and outside the classroom.

Why We Do It

The Provost’s Scholars Program aims to support students in earning your degree in three years while engaging in meaningful practice that contributes to your long-term goals and career interests. We recognize the challenging course of study students will embark on and are determined to provide the support needed to succeed.

Foundational Experiences Curriculum

Our Foundational Experiences have been arranged to enhance a student's educational track. PSP strives to bring together our student's academic major efforts, co-curricular and Foundational Experiences to define the next steps post-graduation. Skills gained through intentional choices will serve students greatly as you begin to apply them after your time at USF.