Fraternity & Sorority Life


Find out interesting facts, ways to support your student's interest in membership, and overall expectations for what the Fraternity and Sorority Life Experience has to offer.


There is no exact amount to put on the experience of Fraternity & Sorority Life. However, there are monetary costs to membership. Dues vary according to chapters. Most chapters charge an application fee to cover the cost of your new member period. Upon your activation into the chapter, members are charged an initiation fee. Finally, active members are charged chapter dues. These finances are billed either per semester or annually. Please feel free to inquire about each chapter's financial obligations during recruitment.

Many organizations also offer payment plans and/or have opportunities to apply for organizational scholarships.

Supporting Your Student

Here are some ways that you can support your student:

  • Research their national organization.
  • Learn the history, core values, founding location and date of their organization of interest.
  • Encourage them to seek opportunities for leadership positions.
  • Ask if there is a family and friends club or family and friends events.
  • Get to know their close friends in the organization.
  • Support their chapter's philanthropic or community services events.
  • If you are local, come to an event.
  • Contribute!

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