Student Led



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You've got the power! That's right, our student boards run the show, literally!

Homecoming, Bulls Nite Out, USF Week, Patio Tuesday, University Lecture Series, Centre Gallery -- all these events, programs, and exhibits are planned and coordinated by student members of our team with guidance from our professional staff.

By being a part of the Center for Student Involvement, not only can you learn valuable skills in events management, marketing, negotiating, and communications--which will be of interest to your future employers--but you also get behind the scenes access to the events you are planning! Our team members have gotten to meet celebrities like John Legend, Bill Nye, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ann Coulter, and Wiz Khalifa, just to name a few.

Learn more about our team and how our students truly run the show in the left navigation. CSI recruits for new members in the spring semester so be sure to apply for the one that interests you the most.