Especially for Trans and Gender-Queer Students

Although your gender identity may not fit neatly into any "gender" box, many health care practices and insurance benefits depend on how the gender box is marked. We recognize that this can be a point of frustration, but please understand that SHS must operate within industry standards and practices. Our electronic medical record system notes your preferred gender identity as male, female, transmale, transfemale or other identity. If you think it would be helpful to have these categories appropriately noted, please ask the appointment scheduler that makes your appointment or your provider during your session to make a note on your record.

For billing and reimbursement, it is important to understand that your selection of sex in the medical record needs to agree with the sex the payer (e.g. health insurance) has on file in order to avoid claim rejections. If you are confused about this process, please ask your provider to clarify what is on file to ensure more effective insurance coverage.