General Website Info

Content Managers and Contributors


Content Managers (CM) serve as the unit's main CMS contact and are the decision-maker for their unit's website. They are also responsible for training all CMS users in their department, approving content for publishing, and submitting CMS User Access Request forms to add, modify, or delete users.


Content Contributors (CC) are department employees (faculty, staff, or students) designated by their CM to update the unit's website. The CM determines if a CC needs an Approver — CCs with no Approver have publishing access without an approvals process. However, an Approver (typically, the department's CM) is recommended for all CCs. All student CCs must have an Approver. 

Access Groups and Permissions

Each website and/or sub-site has its own access group created to allow certain CMS users editing permissions for that site. CMs decide which CCs have access to certain groups.

If a CC needs to be added, modified, or deleted from a certain access group, that unit's CM submits a CMS Support Intake Form. The same goes for if a CC's user profile needs to be created or removed from the CMS.