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Checked-Out Page

Screenshot of checked-out page icon

A lit light bulb indicates that the page is checked out to you. This indicates that the page is checked out to you, the logged-in user. Only one user can have a page checked out at a time, and only the user to whom the page is checked out or an administrator can check a page back in. Check out a page to prevent others from entering conflicting changes while you are working. Click the lightbulb icon to check a file in or out.

Note: Entering into a page’s editable regions will automatically check that page out.

Locked Page

Screenshot of locked page icon

A red lock indicates that the page is checked out to another user. It is possible to hover over the lock to see to whom the page is checked out (this will appear as a tooltip). If a file is locked to someone else, you can't edit it.

Schedule (Publish)

Screenshot of scheduled publish icon

A grayed-out calendar icon is the status indicator for a scheduled publish. The calendar icon can be clicked on by an administrator or the individual who scheduled the page to be published in order to change the publish date and time or to cancel the publish completely.

Scheduled to Expire

Screenshot of scheduled to expire icon

Files that are scheduled to expire have a "No" icon.

Pending Approval

Screenshot of pending approval icon

Files that are pending approval from another user as part of a workflow have a person icon.

Unpublished Status

Screenshot of unpublished icon

Files that have never been published have an "Unpublished" status.

Unpublished Changes Status

Screenshot of unpublished changes status icon

Files that have been edited after the most recent publish date have an "Unpublished Changes" status.

Publishing Disabled

Screenshot of publishing disabled icon

Files that cannot be published have a "Publishing Disabled" status. Contact an administrator to override or enable publishing.

Checked Out Workflow

Image of the Omni CMS thumbs up, which allows the user to know the file is checked out to them.

A thumbs up icon indicates that the page is checked out to you as part of the workflow process. The page has been sent by another user for approval and should be reviewed for accuracy and completeness prior to being published.

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