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Enhanced Homepage: Specs and Elements

CMS Workshop: Enhanced Homepage

The Enhanced Homepage offers a template with additional Widget Region, Highlighted Content Section, and Full-Width Image Section options. The layout of these sections are easily-moveable using dropdowns in the MultiEdit > Parameters.



Hero section of the Enhanced Homepage

Widget Region(s)

Widget Regions on an Enhanced Homepage

Highlighted Content Section(s)

Highlighted Content Section on an Enhanced Hompage

Full-Width Image Section(s)

Full Width Image on an Enhanced Homepage



The Hero is a required element for Enhanced Homepages. It will display immediately below the header.

The Hero can display: 

  • One Image
    • Full-width
  • One Video
    • Full-width
    • (Pause button added automatically for accessibility purposes.)

Widget Region(s)*

There are four Widget Region Sections available in an Enhanced Homepage. These sections are highly customizable.

A Widget Region Section can display:

  • Three one-column widgets
    • One two-column widget + one one-column widget
    • One three-column widget
  • Heading (optional)

Learn more about Widgets

*You can choose to "Show" or "Hide" all or some of these sections.

Highlighted Content Section(s)*

There are two Highlighted Content Sections available in an Enhanced Homepage. They are designed to draw attention to special or timely content. They can be used to highlight a news story, event, or other piece of content such as an annual report.

A Highlighted Content Section includes:

  • Theme
    • Default
    • Light
    • Dark
  • Heading - Line 1
    • Can be linked (optional)
  • Heading - Line 2 (optional)
  • Icon (optional)
  • Text (optional)
  • Image (optional)
  • Additional Link Text (optional)

*You can choose to "Show" or "Hide" all or some of sections.

Full-Width Image Section(s)*

There are two Full-Width Image Sections available in an Enhanced Homepage.

A Full-Width Image Section includes:

  • One Image
    • Full-width

*You can choose to "Show" or "Hide" both or either of these sections.