International Freshman Academic Requirements

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Looking for international freshman application deadlines?

Admission to USF is more competitive than ever, but the process of applying is not difficult. We consider each applicant individually, taking into account grades, rigor of curriculum and standardized test scores. Discover what’s required for admission consideration.

Academic Credentials Requirements

If you completed secondary education in any country outside the U.S., USF requires that you submit the appropriate documents that are the equivalent of graduation from high school in the U.S. As a general rule, completion of secondary education will consist of 12-13 years of study and the awarding of a diploma or graduation certificate. Please include academic transcripts and exam results of all secondary work.

SAT/ACT Requirements

USF requires freshman applicants to submit official results of at least one college entrance exam (SAT or ACT). USF does not currently require or consider the optional essay section of the SAT or the ACT for the admission or scholarship review processes. Likewise, SAT subject tests are not considered for admission or placement. USF's code for SAT is 5828 and for ACT is 0761.

In Fall 2022, mid-range SAT and ACT scores for admitted freshmen were: 

  • SAT: 1240-1390  
  • ACT: 27-31  

In Summer 2022, mid-range SAT and ACT scores for admitted freshmen were:

  • SAT: 1100-1190  
  • ACT: 22-25  

Language Requirements

Must meet SAT or ACT minimums:

  • SAT: minimum total score of 1100 (Writing=25, Critical Reading=24, Mathematics=24)
  • ACT: minimum total score of 22 (English=17, Reading=19, Mathematics=19)


USF considers your highest submitted section scores across all SAT and ACT test dates. Final admission decisions will be made using only your highest cumulative scores. Each time you submit test scores to USF, we will update your record with any new high scores. We strongly encourage you to submit your scores each time you take the SAT or ACT. Sending your scores each time you take the SAT or ACT can benefit you by allowing us to consider you for all available enrollment-related opportunities.

Testing Recommendations

Because the SAT and ACT measure college readiness through different means and formats, we strongly encourage you to take each exam once during the spring of your junior year in high school. You are likely to prefer (and even to perform better) on one test over the other, which would allow you to focus on that test during the fall of your senior year. Except in rare cases, you should not take either test more than three times, as significant improvements on performance are unlikely at that point.

Foreign Language Entrance Requirements (FLENT)

Students must have completed two academic units of the same foreign language in high school or two semesters of the same foreign language or American Sign Language (ASL) in college to be considered for admission. If you already have fulfilled this requirement, submit official transcripts showing the foreign language or ASL courses completed. Refer to the following bullets for methods to meet the requirement and possible exemptions. Students who have not met FLENT at point of admission are still admissible but must meet FLENT before graduating from USF.

No Essay Requirement

No essay or personal statement is requested to be evaluated for admission to USF. Any submission of an essay or personal statement will not be opened or reviewed. 

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