Name Title Research Areas Office Email & Phone
Bartesaghi, Mariaelena Associate Professor Authority, Institutionalization, Communication Theory CIS 3037 mbartesaghi@usf.edu
Basu, Ambar Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies Health Communication, Culture, Postcolonial & Subaltern Studies CIS 3032 abasu@usf.edu 
Bell, Elizabeth Professor
Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  CPR 107  
Berry, Keith Associate Professor Relational Communication, Culture, Identity, Bullying, LGBTQ, Autoethnography, Reflexivity CIS 3046 keithberry@usf.edu
Bochner, Arthur Distinguished Professor Emeritus Autoethnography, Narrative inquiry, Interpretive research, Close relationships CIS 3033


Buzzanell, Patrice Department Chair
Organizational Communication, career, work-life policy, resilience, gender, and design CIS 3054


Cissna, Kenneth Distinguished Professor Emeritus Applied Communication, Dialogue, Interpersonal Communication  


Curry, Heather Adjunct   CIS 3011


Dean Kruzel, Marleah Assistant Professor Health communication, Interpersonal communication, and Applied communication CIS 3043


Dubrofsky, Rachel E. Associate Professor and Affiliated Associate Professor, Departments of Humanities & Cultural Studies and Women's & Gender Studies Critical/Cultural Studies, mediastudies, gender, race, digital media, reality TV, surveillance CIS 3040


Durham, Aisha Associate Professor and Affiliated Associate Professor Departments of Humanities & Cultural Studies, Women's & Gender Studies, and Africana Studies Cultural Studies, Feminist Media Studies, Black feminist thought, Performance auto/ethnography CIS 3050


Edwards, Shirlan Adjunct   CIS 3011


Eisenberg, Eric Professor
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  CPR 107  
Ellis, Carolyn Distinguished Professor Emerita Qualitative Methods, Emotions, Autoethnography, Holocaust Studies CIS 3033 cellis@usf.edu
Friedman, Laurel Instructor Critical Health Communication, Qualitative Methods,
Visual Culture
CIS 3038 laurelf@usf.edu
Hawley, Cody Visiting Instructor   CIS 3068 crhawley@usf.edu
Huber, Aubrey Assistant Professor
Director of Public Speaking
Pedagogy, performance, and intercultural communication CIS 3031 aubreyahuber@usf.edu
Ivancic, Sonia R. Assistant Professor Organizational Communication, Health Communication, discourses about the body, identity, and work. TBA TBA
James, Navita Cummings Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Media studies, Gender and Culture, Narrative CIS 3039 njames2@usf.edu
Jones, Hillary Visiting Instructor   CIS 3021 hjones1@usf.edu
Jorgenson, Jane Professor Organizational Communication, Work-family Relationships, Gender and Work CIS 3045 jjorgens@usf.edu
Klein, Ellen Visiting Instructor   CIS 3021 e.w.klein@gmail.com
McRae, Chris Associate Professor Performance Studies, cultural studies, critical communication pedagogy CIS 3028 cjmcrae@usf.edu
Pal, Mahuya Associate Professor Organizational Communication, Globalization, postcolonial studies CIS 3036 mpal@usf.edu
Payne, A. David Associate Professor Rhetorical Theory and Criticism CIS 3047 dpayne@usf.edu
Pettegrew, Loyd Professor Health Communication, Organizational Communication, Marketing Communication CIS 3019 lpettegrew@usf.edu
Roscoe, Lori A. Professor Health Communication,
End of Life, Ethics, Aging
CIS 3030 lroscoe@usf.edu
Scacco, Joshua Assistant Professor Political Communication, media content and effects, and quantitative research methods CIS 3041 jscacco@usf.edu
Steier, Frederick Associate Professor Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Practice, The World Café CIS 3044 fsteier@usf.edu
Wilson, Steven Professor Interpersonal and Family Communication, Processes of influence and identity management in family, health, and workplace contexts CIS 3048 wilson52@usf.edu
Spinazola, Lisa Pia Zonni Visiting Instructor   CIS 3049