About Us

Mission & Vision


The School of Public Affairs provides quality education, research, and public service to prepare leaders in public administration, nonprofit management, community development, and planning. We engage in public policy, scholarship, and outreach activities in an urban region to meet community, national, and global needs.


Our vision is to become a premier community-centered hub for public affairs education and research.


The USF School of Public Affairs recognizes and commits to the values of the University. In addition, the School of Public Affairs is committed to:

  • Public service values, knowledge transfer, and engagement with the community.
  • Fostering integrity and upholding professional standards in teaching, scholarship, and outreach.
  • Collaboration, open and honest communication, and a culture of respect.
  • Collegiality and interdisciplinary efforts, with both internal and external partners.
  • Student achievement through the development of current and future leaders.
  • Faculty, staff, students, and alumni serving as positive ambassadors of the values espoused by the School.