Master of Public Administration (MPA)


All MPA students are advised by the Program Director, Dr. Stephen Neely

Email: | Office: SOC 238

To schedule a meeting with the MPA Program Director, please contact him directly via email (contact information is listed above).

The MPA Program Director provides guidance and advice to all students, especially those newly admitted into our program, on course selection and sequencing to help enhance their performance. Students' academic progress is monitored every semester, which allows us to provide appropriate advice and guidance. To ensure the effectiveness of student advising, the Program Director reviews students' academic records and meets with those whose GPA falls below a 3.0 to discuss an appropriate course of action, in order to help improve their academic performance. The Program Director also schedules one-on-one meetings with students to learn their progress in the program, the problems they face, and how best our program can improve student services to enhance program-wide student learning and achievement of programmatic goals. Additionally, the Program Director advises students on the requirements and need for timely completion of internships.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What is a grad check and how can I access mine?

A grad check is a spreadsheet that contains a list of the courses that are required by the program to ensure the completion of all graduation requirements for your degree. This includes the courses you have already taken, including any transfer credit hours (if applicable), the courses you are currently enrolled in, and the courses you have left to complete. Your GPA and number of credit hours completed can also be found in your grad check.

View a sample grad check here. Students should request their grad checks at least 2 semesters before graduating.

  • Fall graduates should request a grad check during the preceding Spring semester.
  • Spring graduates should request a grad check during the preceding Summer semester.
  • Summer graduates should request a grad check during the preceding Fall semester.

What skills do I need to succeed in the program?

Demonstrating skills in computing, writing, and quantitative analysis are crucial to your success in the program. Students requiring additional training should consult with the MPA Program Director for supplemental course suggestions.

Students are expected to have access to computer applications and software before beginning their program. Course assignments may require the use of Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, and other common computer applications.

How will professors communicate with students?

Faculty communicates with students via email, as well as through Canvas. Students are automatically assigned a USF email address upon admission into the program. Contact USF Information Technology with any issues regarding your email or NetID account.

Are there credit hour limits for Non-Degree Seeking students?

Yes, in accordance with USF's Office of Graduate Studies academic policies, students can only take a maximum of 18 credit hours as a Non-Degree Seeking student.

Those who have completed more than 18 credit hours, without being admitted into the MPA program, risk losing the additional credit hours. These students must apply for admission to the MPA program immediately to be able to register for classes the following semester. Non-degree seeking students must transfer completed courses upon admission into the MPA program.