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Public Administration Minor

Minoring in Public Administration adds a public-sector perspective to your course of study.

The Public Administration minor provides an introduction to public administration, public policy, state and local government. It is a smart choice for any student considering future employment in the public sector.

The minor in Public Administration consists of 15 credit hours.

Required Public Administration Courses (9 credit hours):

PAD 3003 Introduction to Public Administration
PAD 4204 Public Financial Administration
PAD 4415 Personnel and Supervision for Today's Organizations

Public Administration Electives (6 credit hours):

PAD 4144 Non-Profit Organizations and Public Policy
PAD 4712 Managing Information Resources in the Public Sector
PAD 4930 Selected Topics in Public Administration and Public Policy
URS 3002 Intro to Urban Studies
URP 4052 Urban & Regional Planning
PUP 4002 Public Policy

Course Grade Requirement

Only courses in which a grade of "C-" or better is attained will count toward the minimum hours.

Residency Requirement

A minor in Public Administration consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours, at least 12 of which must be USF credits.

Contact: Stephen Neely, Undergraduate Program Coordinator - School of Public Affairs

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