Master of Urban & Regional Planning (MURP)

Graduate Funding

MURP Graduate Assistantships

To qualify for a graduate assistantship, students must first be admitted to the MURP program and enroll full-time (9 credit hours per semester) to qualify for the tuition waiver that accompanies the stipend. We offer a few highly competitive GA positions in the MURP program, primarily during the Fall terms, since appointments are for an entire academic year (Fall and Spring)—if opportunities were to arise for the Spring term, students will be informed; regardless, you are encouraged to apply during any time of the year. International applicants for teaching positions must achieve a minimum score of 50 on the Test of Spoken English (TSE) to qualify for consideration. Apply today!


Mark R. Hafen MURP Diversity Scholarship

Named after and established by MURP Program Director Dr. Mark Hafen, this scholarship provides support to graduate students in USF's MURP program, with preference given to diverse students from historically underrepresented or marginalized groups. The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving planning student of merit. The application, process, and deadline will be announced via email to current students only.

Mark Bentley APA Sun Coast Section Scholarship

Named after (and established by) Mark Bentley—one of the state’s top land use lawyers and a long-time supporter of local professional planning development activities in partnership with the Sun Coast section of APA Florida. This scholarship will provide support to emerging planners in USF's MURP program! The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving planning student of merit. The application, process, and deadline will be announced via email to current students only.

James E. Blanton III Veterans Scholarship

In memory of James E. Blanton III, this scholarship is awarded to graduate student veterans who honorably served in a branch of the U.S. military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard) or the National Guard. One award will be offered annually, in the amount of $500, to a full-time MURP student who submits a short essay relating how their military service has led them to pursue a graduate degree in public service. The application, process, and deadline is announced via email to current students only.

USF Sources for Graduate Funding

USF Office of Admissions - Graduate Students
USF Scholarships & Financial Aid Services

The Office of Financial Aid is the hub for scholarships and fellowships, grants, loans, and work study.

USF Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs coordinates educational, cultural, and social programs to foster experiences which create interculturally mature global citizens who are prepared to thrive in diverse environments.

USF Office of National Scholarships

The Office of National Scholarships provides guidance and support for USF's creative, motivated, and academically strong students as they compete for national merit scholarships across all disciplines.

USF Employment (Careers@USF)

Part-time employment on campus is often a convenient way to help finance your education and gain valuable work experience.

USF Career Services

Career Services helps you assess your skills and interests, improve your career research, identify experiences leading to transferable skills, and search for internships and full- or part-time employment.